First PHILIPR04 Optical Quantum Burn and Scan

Burner: ASUS BW-12B1ST 1.03
Burn Speed: 4x
Disc MID: PHILIPR04 (000)
The Opti Drive quality scan is attached. It looks terrible (LDC average 1912, BIS Avg 127). Am I headed for early data loss here? My PC drive still plays the disc well (I don’t have a stand-alone player).

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Some extra info about the discs…
I bought these from Newegg about 6 months ago. They’re Optical Quantum 1x-4x. I don’t have the original wrapper. The only marking other than the Optical Quantum labeling is on the center ring: BD-R AP1160311.

Do a transfer rate test and post the results. There should be a serious slowdown at the end.

Here’s the transfer rate test results. I stopped the test early since, like you said, the speed went way down at the end.
The disc plays fine from start to finish in the same drive which burned it.

Stereodude, I saw some scans one one of your posts from your LiteOn iHBS112 drive of the same media. I believe my Asus BW-12B1ST is just a rebadged version of the same drive you have. Yet your LDC Avg was 24.62 and your BIS Avg was 0.48 for the same media code I’m using here. Even if you discount the huge values at the end of the scan, my LDC values linger clos to 1000 and my BIS values linger around 25. That seems pretty bad. I even repeated the scan with the same results.

Hm, if Your Asus drive is similar to a LiteOn of the 2nd generation or later, scanning with 8x won´t give You reliable results.

Please try again scanning with 2x/2x or 4x/4x above [B]and[/B] below.

Looks like similar resuls. Here’s an 8x scan I stopped early:

And here’s the current progress of the 4x scan:

And what’s the purpose of having a speed selection at both the top and bottom in Opti Drive Control?

[QUOTE=MetalFan5678;2705599]And what’s the purpose of having a speed selection at both the top and bottom in Opti Drive Control?[/QUOTE]

Sometimes You have to set the speed You want at the top, sometimes at the bottom. It depends on the drive You have.
I can´t tell, why there are two options, maybe it is explained in the thread about OptiDriveControl.

It looks like Your PHILIPR04 are simply bad discs.:frowning:

Thanks katraine - I was hoping there was some sort of user error on my part with the tests, but I guess not. It’s nice that I have 50 of these pieces of junk.

That’s sadly normal for discs with a Philips MID. :rolleyes: