First NEC ND3570 firmware available

Although probably not many people have this drive because mostly the DVD-RAM versions (4570 and 4571) were sold, a 3570 firmware arrived on my PC recently.

The original and RPC1 versions of this firmware have been uploaded to Dee’s and my NEC ND3570 firmware page. Bitsetting might be available soon too.


Stupid question probably, but is it possible to transform a 3570 to a 4570 (same hardware) and then flash it with a 4570 firmware?


I think it is possible, but it has not been done yet and I don’t think anyone will work on this at all.

Thank you for answering my question! I just bought a 3570 and as I was playing with your “Nec drive converter” I had the weird idea to convert the drive to a 4570 and then flash it with a 4570 firmware. But I suppose that even if such an operation could be done, it would be pretty useless.

It would even be possible with a modified Binflash version, but - although it has not been tested - I assume we would have the same result that we already had when trying this method on 3550 drives. The devices were accessible, but you couldn’t use them for burning until you flashed back.

Ok, I see. thanks for the explanation :smiley:

the firmware version on my 3570 says 1.11
Is it the same with the one you posted?

No. 3570 seems to be a different firmware. Could you please upload this firmware?

uploaded :wink:

bootcode flasher for Nec x57x
based on original btflash 1.21 for x55x.

now include bootcode files for 4570 and 4571. tested on 4570->4571 and 4571->4570.
should work on 3570 and 3571

if you have real 3570 or 3571 - please read bootcode with patched Nec BinFlash 1.30 and send to me.

Where can I get official firmware for the 3570 (from official source)? Couldn’t find this drive on their webpage ;(

Thanks for mentioning me philipshu, but I’m not an official firmware source, although our site also contains unmodified firmwares. :wink:

At the moment you probably won’t find official firmware updates for this drive, as NEC hasn’t released any so far.

that’s fine Liggy, we all know NEC is slow on x47x firmware :sad:

ok thx for the input! I was just wondering why this drive is not listed on NEC’s webpage, therefore I fear that they won’t release any updates at all ;(
I don’t think it’s possible to use the 4570 firmware isn’t it (the guy in the shop said it’s identicial to this one but uses a newer firmware)?

FYI, this is the wrong thread to talk about crossflashing x57x drives…
The crossflashing thread is here:

Maybe the 3570 also only comes as OEM drive in DELLs etc.

I don’t think so

hm, interesting.
But I really wonder why NEC would have that big choice of burner actually available.
Normal consumer will only get more confused…

maybe true in US,
but I got my 3570 in a retail store in Taiwan