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I have DVD remake 3.63 pro. I have made a dvd with 6 titles on a standalone DVD recorder (new Sony 890). Problem is when you insert the disc in any dvd player or computer it starts playing the first title instead of bringing up the main menu first. You can still do this by selecting the menu button. However I want this to come up first time as in ,ost dvds.

Can you please advise how to do this. Attached is a image of the disc in dvdremake. I suspect you do something under Video Manager - Menu - PGC1 (Title Menu) but I could be wrong.


Doesn’t your recorder have an option to go to the main menu first?

It appears your recorder does not create a First Play, so the player plays the first title by default.

To go to the main menu at first play: Right-click on Video Manager and select “Add First Play PGC”. Then select First Play PGC and add a pre-command “Jump VMG PGC 3”.


Thanks Toaddub. No the dvd recorder I think has a flaw as my brother and sister who bought one each of this have the same problem. I am hoping more peope complain so Sony can provide a fix.

Thanks for the solution. Perfect. What do I do if I also want at end of each title to return to main menu? Is it something in the Post Command of each PGC1 title under each of the 6 video title set (under last chapter I assume)?


Yes. Insert at line 1 the post command “Call VMG PGC 1 (resume cell 1)” or “Call VMG title menu (resume cell 1)”. But this will override the titles playing one after the other, unless there’s a Play All button in the menu you can program to do so.


Learn something new every day. I thought all DVDs required a FP-PGC.

Seems SONY find new ways of buggering up DVDs all the time.



I created another disc on my Sony dvd player with 6 new titles. This time however instead of dvd - RW I used a dvd + RW. Once I created First Play as Toadtubb advised and return to menu after each title I exported dvd to harddrive then using Nero burnt it back to dvd+RW disc.

Once completed I play in dvd player and First Play does not work. However the return to menu after each title does work. I redid the whole process again and still no First Play. I then decided to use a dvd - RW for the last part of the process ie. burning to disc - and guess what First Play works. It seems +RW seems to be an issue. Is this the case? I do note when importing from a -RW disc it shows titles as Video Title Sets for each title and with +RW there is only one Video Title set and under the Program Chain are the 6 PGC’s. Also note when importing +RW disc the 6 titles (PGC’s) actually imports the 6 titles twice i.e. there are 12 PGC’s. I then have to delete the excess PGC’s. This does not happen with - RW discs.

Deleting the extra PGC’s solves the excess files but I can’t seem to force First Play using a + RW disc.


That is really odd. Are you saying that you burn the DvdReMake files, after adding the First Play and making sure there are 6 titles (each title per VTS), to a DVD+RW and it does not play, but if you burn to a DVD-RW and it does work? I do not see how the 6 titles (6 VTSs) are turned into 6 titles (1 VTS). Which burning software do you use? Still, there’s no way the burning software knows how to change that. Did you really select the same DvdReMake files?

Or is that you recorded from your camcorder to the +RW, and when you import into DvdReMake, it turns out there is only 1 VTS with 12 PGCs?


Toaddub it is odd I agree. But here are the facts. The 6 TV shows are recorded and dubbed as 6 titles onto + RW disc. This disc is then imported into DVDremake. First Play is added along with return to menu after each title. This is then exported (using [I]export dvd[/I]) to the hard rive. The hard rive file is then burnt to a + RW disc using Nero 8 (Recode 3). End result is dvd does not play menu when you insert it.

However if I do the exact same step above and only change to a - RW at the last step (i.e. burning same file from hard rive) the menu plays when inserted. (refer to + RW image below (2nd image titled project 1 disc 15) of details of the files and commands).

On another note (I doubt if it is related to the above problem but wanted to know why the difference in structure). I have noticed that importing a - RW disc to dvd remake creates 6 Video title sets (of same project discussed above) and if imported from a + RW disc it only has 1 Video Title Set with 6 titles as PGC’s. Actually it not only creates 6 but repeats 6 and creates 2 extra thus total of 14.

Have a look at the screen shots below of the two discs created one with - RW (1st image titled project 1 disc 40)and one with + RW (2nd image titled project 1 disc 15). Not sure why the difference.


I think your recorder detects what type of media it is (+RW or -RW) and creates the DVD structure differently. If my steps do not work on a +RW as it does on a -RW, it’s most probably the navigation is different.

Could you zip the original IFOs (VIDEO_TS.IFO, VTS_01_0.IFO) and the menu VOB (VIDEO_TS.VOB) from the +RW, and attach it here. I’ll take a look.

The extra 6 titles are quite common in some recorders. Actually they don’t take up any space, and the only difference is probably the navigation: one set of 6 titles is for Play All, another set of 6 titles is play one title and return to title menu like you want it to. But for some recorders, I find both sets perform the same function, it’s just that one set is not being used.


Hi Toaddub, I had deleted the original file I was talking about here. But I have created another similar disc on a + RW disc - and same problem.

I have attached the files you have requested. These are from the + RW disc created in the dvd recorder and have not been modified at all. With + RW I noticed it also creates a Video_RM folder. I did not include this as you did not request this I am not sure what this does. p.s. I have had to call third file “extra file” as it had same name (Video_TS) as first file and would not attach here.

Hope you can find where the problem is. (576 Bytes) (24.5 KB)

extra (70.8 KB)


As I thought, for +RW, instead of jumping to VMG PGC 3 at First Play (for -RW), all you need to change is jumping to VMG PGC 4, which is where the main menu is. VMG PGC 3 is an empty PGC, you can safely delete it - just select the PGC and hit the ‘Delete’ key. Of course when you delete it, the original VMG PGC 4 will renumber to be VMG PGC 3.

I wouldn’t worry about the extra titles. You can leave them as is.


Toaddub, from the screen shot submitted a week ago (refer above) you can see it also had VMG PGC 4. I created First play to jumping to VMG PGC 4 which did not work. I did not however delete PGC 3 as you suggested. Maybe this is the key to making it work?


Deleting PGC 3 has nothing to do with making it work. Jumping to VMG PGC 4 should work! It’s pretty straight-forward. It works for me when I tested it on software players and standalones.

Maybe you can try again. Or just use -RW if +RW is giving you grief.


Toaddub this works perfect now thanks.

One other question. To make each title return to the main menu, you suggested the following [I]Insert at line 1 the post command “Call VMG PGC 1 (resume cell 1)” or “Call VMG title menu (resume cell 1)”. But this will override the titles playing one after the other, unless there’s a Play All button in the menu you can program to do so.[/I]

But does this mean as PGC 1 appears to be empty also, do I change this to PGC 3 as well ?


No, don’t change it. My suggestion should work for -RW or +RW since VMG PGC 1 is assigned the menu category as “Title menu,” so either command will jump to the main menu.


I have been following these instruction quiet well and have since made many First Play dvds. I have now come across one I am not sure what to do.

I want the dvd to play the main menu straight away when you insert the dvd without all the lead in rubbish. The problem is this is at Video Title Set 2 (PGC 6). I am thinking delete the First Play command under VTS 1 and replace with new command directing to go to VTS 2 PGC6. But how do you tell it to go to VTS 2 AND TO [U]ALSO[/U] POINT to PGC 6 as well. I can chnage command to go to VTS 2 but not sure how you then say to go to PGC 6 of VTS 2.

Refer screen shot f it helps.


Correct me if I’m wrong, this DVD does not look like it is recorded by your Sony recorder, as I expect the main menu to be in VMG domain.

What’s in VTS2/PGC6? How 'bout other menu PGCs? Which one is the main menu?

Assuming VMG Title 1 is VTS 1 (you can look it up under VMG Titles pane for title mapping), change in First Play from “Jump VMG Title 1” to “Jump VTS 2 “root” menu (title 1)”. Hopefully it’ll redirect to VTS2/PGC6. If not, add a link in the VTS2 Root menu to jump to this PGC.