First Media Purchase: RitekG04's or ProdiscS03's. Please Help!

I just installed my NEC 2500A stock firmware 1.06 and have been looking for the right media to buy. I have gone through this forum and can’t seem to find a definitive answer. I understand that people have personal preferences and different media might work with different people, but I would like to know what media is the most stable/reliable for the 1.06 firmware that I currently have. I do not plan on flashing to a firmware upgrade. So far I have narrowed my choices to Ritek G04’s or the ProdiscS03’s. One moment I read something good about the G04’s, the next moment I find out people are having problems with them (this goes for the prodiscs as well). Please help. Thanks for any help.

Personally I like my RITEKs but the PRODISCs are pretty good too.

My advise: go with whatever’s cheapest! :slight_smile:


Prodiscs in the US are very good.
I would recommend going with that media.

My wife just bought 100 Ritek’s; she says she read they were “the best”…she probably didn’t read too much, because like it was stated earlier, some report positively but some negatively also.
What has been YOUR experience with them? and why do you recommend Prodiscs over Ritek’s?
Also, are there two types of Ritek’s? i think I read that elsewhere on this forum.

the best burns i’ve had so far have all been on ritek disks. i find that my ritek G04 disks (datasafe) burn nice at 6x. at 8x, they give errors.

i havent used prodisc dvd-r. ive used prodisc dvd+r and they were the worst disk ive used. (im beginning to think those available in uk are crap. those available in US are good).

My experiences with ProDisc S03s are also not very good - but still acceptable. In Germany, you can get Bulkcrap Printables for a fair price. If you use Herrie’s latest beta firmware with “S03 fix”, the burns are of a medium quality and play fine on my standalone player. I wonder about the longevity, though. If I have bad luck, these discs are like Princos and lose data after about half a year. Time will tell…

BTW, the dye of the S03s is dark blue - not light blue like the Princos. Some users reported that the dark blue dye is superior.

The only Riteks that I’ve used have been pretty crappy and variable in quality. Some claim that if you buy the right brand name, such as ‘Datasafe’ Riteks, then you should be fine. But to me, it seems like a crap shoot so I just avoid all the Ritek DVD-R.
I have a contact that is connected with Ritek USA and he has confirmed that Ritek has significantly decreased their disc quality to attempt to remain profitable after outbidding other companies for disc supplying contracts.

Almost all experiences I’ve seen and read about with US Prodisc DVD-R has been good.
I’m wondering if the Prodiscs found in Europe are actually fakes…

According to my experience, the result also depends A LOT on the firmware. With the original HP 1.27 firmware, every disc was a coaster: Read errors after about 3.8 GBs. Then I used Herrie’s latest beta4 and beta5 and the discs were readable - but the reading curve in CD Speed was not smooth. Then I contacted Herrie and he sent me a custom firmware which fixes some issues with ProDisc S03 media. This firmware absolutely rocks. Since I am only interested in quality, I write these media @4x only (6x works, but the quality suffers :Z ).

Here is a link to a CDSpeed scan of a Bulkcrap ProDisc S03 DVD-R written @4x with Herrie’s special “S03 fix” firmware:

My conclusion: These discs have problems with some firmware versions. I would consider them B or C grade.

Hey easy-going-man,

Is there any way I can get that special ProdiscS03 firmware version from you or will I need to try to get it from Herrie? I have about 90 of those discs and they burn well but if I can improve the quality any it would be great.

Thanks very much.

I’m on my 4th spindle of Ridata Red pack cakebox of Ritek GO4’s ordered from NewEgg. My experience with these disk from this supplier has been outstanding up to this point with my 2500a. You can greatly improve the quality of the burn and speed of that NEC with Herrie’s firmware. Use the windows installer if you’re hesitant about dos flashing. It works !!
Haven’t had any experience with the Prodisc to compare quality and compatability as of yet, maybe on my next order.

Only one mans experience out of many.


  1. Which FW are you sing to improve on Ritek’s?
    I understand v2b4 with bitsetting is good, but what of v2b5, without bitsetting?
    Should one be chosen over the other for quality and speed of burns? (I care not about DL at this point)
  2. What media identifiers should i look for when my Ritek’s arrive? how do I get it…I just got DVDInfoPro demo :slight_smile:
    Thanks in advance…

I’m on my second set of 50 ritek G04 dvd-r no-name silver matte finish disks I bought from Haven’t had a single problem, even with nero in an external USB 2.0 case, and I mostly burn data. Running 1.07 v2 beta 4…


Sorry for the delayin responding.
107b4 firmware
Check the code on the Media Ring I’ve had H1xxxx,H4xxx, and H5. All the H batch seem to be fine.
With DVDInfo cilck the drop down on the lower left to "Show complete media code ". I dont know what all of that code means but the end of the first line reads
This is the reading at 8x burn.

Here’s a Nero cd-dvd speed graph

Here’s the media code.


I will tell you my experience…I purchased 25 Riteks and got good results when I got my NEC 2500A. I then ordered a few hundred more at a very good price. btw these were what is known as “shiny top” bulk not the “matte top”.

I have had nothing but problems, ranging from all out failing when I burn to failing on the verify. I have tried these in my older (but still capable :smiley: ) Sony DRU500a with similar results. When I did get a good burn however I
never experienced any problems with the burned disk (no read issues, no playback issues, etc) . I am talking like 8-10 failing out of every 25 pack on average.

After reading several threads here on cdfreaks forum I have concluded the quality control department at “Ritek” is out to lunch. I personally will never purchased this brand cause as wesociety also claims you never know what you are going to get.

Sorry, I can not comment on Prodiscs, but will monitor this thread in case you decide get them (or the riteks) and see how they worked for you. :wink:


I’ve gotten my results from the Riteks orderded from Newegg. These are the Red Shrink wrap with the Ridata Logo on the bulk pack, matte finish,Ridata on the media ring, no spindle 50 pack. DVD-r 4x speed. I gone thru 3 packs and working on my 4th. Just ordered another when I saw the price down to $34.99 + free shipping. I’ll check the batch code on the media ring to see if anything has changed.

Can you guys that have had problems post the first letter and # of the batch code on the ring of your bad ones ?

Can someone interpet the Nero and DVD Info graphs I posted and enlighten me as to the quality of these results ?

So far these have played in everything I put them in and I loan my movies out to my friends without playback issues.
Maybe this is the true “A” grade Riteks packed this way or I’m a lucky S.O.B !

Go and get Taiyo-Yudens +R.

I got mine from – its only like $60 for a 50 pack.

I’ve burnt about 10 of them – they burn perfectly on the 2500 @8x - no issues at all.

My previous Riteks (-R, G04 ) never worked at 8x :frowning:

Am very happy - and yeah these discs play in just about anything :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, but I would really like to thank everyone for their comments. I just ordered a spindle of 50 ProdiscS03’s…they should be arriving tomorrow. I will let you guys know how my first burns turn out. Thanks again for everyone’s help.

Just finished backing up my first dvd with the prodiscS03’s. Used DVD Shrink, the entire process was easy…burned at 4X with my 2500A stock 1.06 firmware. Played the movie with my dvd player and so far so good. I havn’t had a chance to watch the movie in its entirety but there doesn’t seem to be any freezes. I do have another question: The entire backup took nearly 2 hours 15 min. Is this normal? Thanks again.