First look: Ricoh DVD+R DL 8x

I just posted the article First look: Ricoh DVD+R DL 8x.

Ricoh Europe B.V Germany was kind enough to send us some samples of their latest media '“ the Ricoh DVD+R DL 8x.

In this article, we are going to test the performance of the media with various 8x DVD+R DL writers, test it’s compatibility with DVD standalone devices and other PC DVD devices.

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I Burn many 2,4X DL Ricoh, at 4X, with my Plextor 716A, and no problems… Can`t wait to try those at 6x:S Mordorr

I’m looking forward to this media. Ricoh has always made excellent quality media.

estimate price?

Info posted at the forum thread

Selling in Japan, along with Mitsubishi 8x DVD+R DL.