First look: Pioneer Blu-ray BDR-101A

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great to have an international site, certainly when many new things happen in different parts of the world. In South Korea there are CD Freaks located and also people who have the…

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Cool can hardly wait for bluray burners to start rolling.

This is what I have been waiting for, except for the fact that it does not read or write CD’s. What’s up with that? I guess I will have to wait for the Philips Drive that will read and write all 3 formats (BD, CD, DVD).

wtf if it won’t read cd’s then it is not the one I want. We all still have tonnes and tonnes of cd’s to convert over. I guess this is their way of forcing cd’s outta existence, kinda like the floppy finally almost was heh

BDR Blu Death Ray??

From where do you know that it can write BD-R? I mean the “Nero Info Tool” shows that it can write BD-RE but not that it can write BD-R…

If it Write at 2x, how much time will need to copy a full Disk?

Just check out this thread in our forums :wink:


By the looks of the “no CD writing” feature, the more complex 3-wavelength optical heads (cd, dvd, blu-ray) aren’t ready yet, but I don’t mind. In May 2004, Sony and others announced they will try to commercialize them within 2 years: No big issues. Just release the drives to let Joe Average burn the newer stuff with the more straightforward (cheaper) one. People in the market for these drives can afford a dirt-cheap regular CDRW/DVDRW drive to go alongside it. Only question now is cost and availability…