First look: Pioneer Blu-ray BDR-101A

At CES, a Philips Engineer demo’ed a CD/DVD/BR drive for us.
He claimed that 2x BluRay recording would be the supported speed upon retail launch ( only 1x was available for the demo ).

My consipiracy theory says they want to keep speeds as low as possible while staying not too behind of competitors in order to maximize profits. Philips surely had 8x to 16x DVD+R long before actual retail release but better release 16x after 12x after 8x after 6x after 4x after 2.4x… from marketing point of view. :frowning:

So Pioneer’s going to release BDR-101A first, and then BDR-102A, BDR-103A, BDR-104A… and BDR-110A (supporting 16x Blu-ray, 16x HD-DVD, and 8x dual-layer Blu-ray) in 2010. :bigsmile:

Oh I want one now!! I am really looking forward to the new optical disc formats. Not so much hd-dvd as blu-ray. I can’t wait to be able to store 23gb on a single disc. I also can’t wait for movies in HD so I can really put my tv to good use.

I hope the Pioneer will read and write CD’s through a firmware update, although it’s not meant as a CD-writer.

Hubba hubba hubba! This is so cool. Thanks for the heads-up, Kenny!

Now where the heck is Sony’s offering? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kenny - Could you translate this?

배를가른 모습이다. PCB전체가 빈틈없이 자리잡고 있다. LITEON의 그것과는 대조적이다.

@H3rB3i - One reason for renaming the main forum to “Optical Drives” is that it was intended that these forums be the home to all PC-based optical drive threads, whether they are CD, DVD, HD-DVD or BD. Methinks the current BD forum is for standalones. :wink:

Thanks for sharing this with us!!! Personally, I am not too concerned with CD writing capability. Hell, I already have 3 drives that can write CD’s. I’m looking forward to buying this drive now. A month ago, I wasn’t too interested in it at all. The closer it gets, the more exciting it becomes…

/me forgot about this :doh:

However, can’t wait to install such a drive.

not a native speaker but i studied hard when i was in college; i am pretty sure this is what it says

this is the inside view; the pcb(printed circuit board) is full of components; this is contrary to what liteon drives look like.

Do not forget to do the analysis vs. a harddrive.

US $118 per 250GB (Western Digital Sam’s Club) = US $.47/GB

problem with the hdd is the initial cost; i got 5 300gB maxtor pata drive for around 420usd (that is if rebates are coming) several weeks ago; i can tell you this isn’t the usual price, but you will find deals like this often in u.s.

with the raid card off from ebay for 150usd, it costed me around 600usd to build 1tB raid5. very fast & reliable (i have 300gB seagate a hot spare)…only problem would be accidential deletion of files & noise & electric bills…2.5w/drive in idel upto 10w/drive in seek; my file server has raid 1 consist of two 2.5 samsung 40gB drives

little more than 600usd/1000gB~=0.60usd/gB; since the capacity is far more than bd offers, you don’t have to be able to find a good deal everyday.

of course, i cannot simply increase the number of hdds like buying disks.

either bd or hd dvd interest me much now, but when disks are proven to be reliable & inexpensive as kenshin predicted, it will be very interesting…especially bd part.

btw, playing hd contents will suck as there will be far more restrictions & protections compare to annoying dvds…alternatives are looking better and better everyday

When compared to CD, it’s ~51x. 72 Mbps (BD @ 2x) / 1.4112 Mbps (1x CD) = 51.02040816… X in CD terms. :slight_smile:

I know I may be in the minority here, but what about reliability? One wrong (physical) move, and all that data = gone bye-bye. I happen to like the cartridges in BDs, ad would like to see a BD media with the hard coating plus the cartridge too. :slight_smile: I like to be able to safely carry around a lot of data like that portably (sp?). If they’re doing two-sided again (I don’t believe so, but if so…), I’d prefer a cartridge, as at least you can write on or label it easier & safer. Remember: You’d be dealing with up to 54+ GB on a (multi-layer) BD. Losing all that due to a scratch or two would really suck.

Damn straight!
The cartridge was a big loss, and it seemed to ‘disappear’ once the HD-DVD competition came up (and they feared HD-DVD’s ability to get the drives in notebooks more easily due to their slimness).

I still prefer the cartridges and shake my head whenever I see bare Blu-Ray discs.

On the issue of price, I seriously doubt (rewritable) media prices will be under $20US within 2 years of the first PC Blu-Ray drive being released (or the write-once being on par with (single-layer) DVD cost-per-GB within 2 years). It’s not about what the manufacturers CAN charge, it’s about what they DO charge, and what prices the market will sustain (for maximum profit).

Can this drive record to BD-R - the Nero tool seems to suggest not but the article on the news site says it can? Disappointing not to see CD or DVD-RAM supported :frowning: Think I’ll wait for an offering by LG before I commit.

I guess I’ll be waiting for Plextor’s offering too.

Highly doubtful due to the requirements of an additional laser wavelength for CD reading/writing.
Here’s some good info from cynicalbastard.

Bingo. :slight_smile:

. . . the requirements of an additional laser wavelength for CD reading/writing

I really hope that they can add in CD writing to the Blu Ray drives. I have too many drives as it is!

Also, maybe when the first Blu-Ray media gets released, at least the dual layer DVD+R discs will come down to something affordable.

I’d pass on this and wait till they are out for awhile with more brands and HD-DVD.

Highly doubtful due to the requirements of an additional laser wavelength for CD reading/writing.
I know that at least one manufacturer has already developed PUHs for all 3 wavelengths for reading and writing. Not sure which one though