First look: Pioneer Blu-ray BDR-101A



I’m not sure if everybody already had Blu-ray drives because I couldn’t access a PC frequently during the recent few weeks so ignore this thread in that case. A South Korean optical burner site,, released a “preview” for Pioneer’s first PC Blu-ray drive BDR-101A yesterday. The full review will be published later. The sample Blu-ray unit was provided by MIS Korea, the usual Pioneer optical product distributor in South Korea. The unit supports Blu-ray and DVD only. It doesn’t support CD and Toshiba group’s opposing standard HD-DVD. Made in Japan. No date, no price.

One of the pictures linked in the page:

I looked at the’s main news page and Pioneer forum’s first thread list page and couldn’t find a similar topic. There must be some people reading this who are testing BDR-101A at this very moment. Good luck, Pioneer. :smiley:


Did I read that right, the BD-R writing capacity is only 2x in DVD writing terms?

This would mean it would take about 2.5 hours to burn one BD-R.

I certainly hope that’s just current prototype parameters or it’s 2x in BD-R terms, with 1x representing the equivalent of maybe 8x DVD (similar to how 1x DVD=8x CD-R).

I swear I read somewhere that BD-R burns are supposed to be 30min to an hour for the initial release drives.


Can you read Korean? Where does it say 2x DVD speed in BDR-101A? Official Blu-ray specification includes 1x, 2x, 4x… recording speed and 2x speed means 72Mbps which is 9MB/s. 2x DVD speed is a little over 2.7MB/s.


Some screenshots:


I definitely do not speak Korean. I was referring to the chart that showed BD-RE, BD-R speeds in KB. It listed the BDR-101 as 2x (2,770KB/s) for the “BD-RE” and “BD-R” spec.

Obviously, it was a typo on the chart (the KB/s).


23 GIG in 45 minutes very good


That chart was probably written by someone who’s new to Blu-ray. ErikDeppe’s obviously already experienced with real Blu-ray. :slight_smile:


45 min for 23 gigs is perfect. That’s basically the equivalent of about 5 and a half DVD-R discs at 8x speed but there’'s no hassle changing discs, etc.

Now if the blank media can be had for $3-4 US each (at least initially), it will definitely be worthwhile.

I’m concerned that blank media might be expensive for a while. Look at the cost of dual layer discs…


Hmmm 51x read/write speeds for what media? ( Nero InfoTool screenshot )
It doesn’t support CD so that can’t be it…

Erik, any chance that you could also post some 16x DVD+R/-R graphs? :slight_smile:
Thanks for the screenshots!


According to the specs, it only supports 8x DVD writing. I think this is an acceptable compromise considering the early Pioneer 4x DVD burners only supported 16x CD writing.


Ahh ok, thanks for pointing that out. :wink:





사후 지원




제조사 홈페이지

수입 / 공급원

(주) MIS상사

공급원 홈페이지


ATAPI / E-IDE(PIO Mode4/Multi Word DMA, Mode2/Ultra DMA Mode4)



미디어 로딩방식

자동 트레이 로딩방식

미디어 장착방식

수평 / 수직 장착 가능




기록 속도

2X ( 2,770KB/sec )

읽기 속도

2X ( 2,770KB/sec ) CLV


기록 속도

2X ( 2,770KB/sec )

읽기 속도

2X ( 2,770KB/sec ) CLV


기록 속도

8X ( 11,080KB/sec ) ZCLV

읽기 속도

8X ( 11,080KB/sec ) CAV


기록 속도

4X ( 5,540KB/sec )

읽기 속도

6X ( 8,310KB/sec ) CAV


기록 속도

2.4X ( 3,324KB/sec )

읽기 속도

6X ( 8,310KB/sec ) CAV


기록 속도

8X ( 11,080KB/sec ) ZCLV

읽기 속도

8X ( 11,080KB/sec ) CAV


기록 속도

4X ( 5,540KB/sec )

읽기 속도

6X ( 8,310KB/sec ) CAV


기록 속도

2X ( 2,770KB/sec )

읽기 속도

6X ( 8,310KB/sec ) CAV


기록 속도


읽기 속도



읽기 속도

2X ( 2,770KB/sec ) CLV


읽기 속도

single 8X / dual 12X CAV


기록 속도


읽기 속도



기록 속도


읽기 속도



읽기 속도


엑세스 타임

CD : 125 ms / DVD : 145 ms / DVD-RAM : 175 ms




148(W) × 42.3(H) × 198(D) mm

지원 포멧

  BD single/dual layer

  Single Layer BD-RE (Version 2.0)

  Single Layer BD-R (Version 1.0)

  DVD single layer / dual layer / 120 mm disc / 80 mm disc

  DVD-R (in case of write, 650nm disc for General only.)

  DVD-R (1X, 4X, 8X Write Speed)

  Dual Layer DVD-R (DVD-R DL)

  DVD-RW (1X, 2X, 4X Write Speed)

  DVD+R (2.4X, 4X, 8X Write Speed)

  Double Layer DVD+R (DVD+R DL)

  DVD-RW (2.4X, 4X Write Speed)

호환 형식


베젤/트레이 컬러


LED 컬러



LCD Tilt Servo Mechanism, DRA (Low vibration)



필요 OS 환경

Windows(R) 2000, Windows(R) XP Home, Professional(SP2)

최소 사양


권장 사양



Anyone got any clue whats the pricing or what would pricing be like, on blueray disks. And will they give a hard time finding quality media , like dvd media did.


no cd burning! thats weak.

i know everyone will say “buy a cd burner” but in all honesty some people only want 1 optical drive.


according to the comments on that korean site, it seems like the bd disk is around 30usd/disk…not sure but that is probably for the bd-re single layer; will skip bd until things settle down especially the disk price. for 30usd/disk is not acceptable. for that price i would get hdd;

since the recording layer is only 0.1mm from the top, i wonder how reliable bd will be without the cartridge

i wounder how hd dvd will be priced…hope that hd dvd will be priced far below as the hd dvd laser pickup will be cheaper & disk will be cheaper, too…maybe plextor will release hd dvd burner as 802a :wink:


Kenshin, thanks for sharing this with us.

Indeed the price sounds to be very high, but when we consider the price per GB then it doesn’t look that expensive to me.

US $30 per 25GB BD-R(E) = US $1.2/GB
US $8 per 8.5GB DVD+R9 = US $0.94/GB
US $0.8 per HQ DVD+R 4.7 = US $0.17/GB

As you see, the price per GB is for BD not much higher than the price per GB for a DVD+R DL and there is no real massproduction for BD at the moment. I guess that the price per GB will drop far below the DVD9 prices.

Ok, the price per GB is 6 times higer than for a high quality DVD+/-R but we must also look onto the amount of discs which are sold per year.

so I don’t think that the prices are that high.

P.S. shouldn’t this thread be moved to the BD forum?


Nobody at knows exactly how much BD-R media cost at market launch time. Neither does MIS Korea who’s just a minor distributor of optical storage products. Sony and Pioneer probably have better guesses because they know most about Blu-ray and the relevant technologies. The 30 USD per disk price is about the usual cartridge rewritable type Blu-ray media. It’s much simpler to make write-once Blu-ray media without the protective cartdridges. My prediction: much lower than US$3 per disk by the time when Blu-ray PC drives will have been in the market for about 3 months. Even US$1 is just too much for write-once type products to stay in the market and justify all the cost of R&D and mass-production. But the leading makers like Mitsubishi Chemical will surely suggest like US$1 initially.

I haven’t seen anyone inside the optical industry who thinks people won’t buy Blu-ray because of high cost. It’s for the mass not professionals or rich nobles.

I’d like an SATA drive that can read and write both Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Backward compatibility with DVD and CD is much less important to me. This notebook PC I am typing in right now doesn’t have any optical or floppy drive. But it has 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 SD memory slot, 1 Gigabit LAN port, etc. The internet can do much better than conventional DVD now due to its ubiquity of recent times which wasn’t the case when DVD was first being produced for consumer market. The drive needs to be small and light enough for a 1.5kg subnotebook that is also less than 1 inch thick. :slight_smile:


I posted this here since it’s very specific to Pioneer and I thought the fact that a PC Blu-ray drive has already been introduced to the public for mass sales means it’s no longer a special area. I mean each brand-specific subforum should be ready to accept Blu-ray and/or HD-DVD beginning now. :bigsmile:

DVD recording was also specially dealt with when CD recording was the norm and most CDFreaks people and even most of CDFreaks moderators didn’t have a DVD recordable device but the DVD recording hardware forum ultimately absorbed (or was absorbed into) the various CD recording subforums like Lite-On forum and Plextor forum. It seems Blu-ray and HD-DVD are coming to end users much faster than DVD-RAM, DVD-R(W), and DVD+R(W) were.


Good point


Does this mean this drive will be released soon. :smiley:


I hope so but I don’t know why MIS Korea received the sample unit this early. They usually don’t let pre-release drive knowledge to the public.

Though 2x Blu-ray is already fast compared to 4x to 8x DVD (considering it’s one disk of over 20GB and works like ZLV DVD), I hope 4x, 8x, and faster speeds will soon become available.