First look: NEC ND-3540A DVD Burner

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CDFreaks takes a First look at the new NEC ND-3540A DVD burner. Showcasing one of the most anticipated drives of 2005, this article takes a look at the NEC 3540’s supported features as well as the reading and writing performance on various types of optical media.

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Though with only 8x limited read speeds for some DVD media, one of the best drives today. It seems early to buy ND-3540A yet because ND-3520A and ND-3500A sell for much less.

In many areas you can’t buy the 3500 anymore and I guess the 3520 won’t be available for that long either.

Nice first look, Thanks Wes! :slight_smile:

Thanks Wes. Now I just see how 8x RW and -R DL is burned. I still can’t cet 8x RW media here in Estonia. In past 5 weeks 3540 is actually working good for me…
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how well does this nd-3540a do when it comes to reading scratched disc? Are there any improvements over the 3520?

Where did you get a fujifilm DVD+R9? Is is mkm 001 media code?

One page 1 is says the drive can write 4x DVD-R DL but the test indicates 6x ?

And according to the picture it was manufacturered in May, not March…

Why does the name of the drive (in the system) begins with a “_” ? Meaning that the name is: “NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A"? Why did the guys at NEC put this "” at the beginning of the name? (I myself have this drive, and also my drive has the _ in its name…) I know that it’s not important - but I’m curious…

@kwkard, the fujifilm DVD+R9 was a sample provided by Fujfilm USA. The MID is RICOHJPND00 @petspeed, I took those specifications off of the NEC website. It looks like NEC made a typo in the specs. @Ron, thx for that. I’m not sure why they use an underscore in the drive ID string, but I shall ask NEC. Please continue the discussion in This Forum Thread. I check the forum much more often than this reaction section. :slight_smile:
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Why no advanced tests?'Sheep Test":o:o


wait for the full review

I’d say its becuase the “_” character is listed before the “A” in the alphabet so if there’s ever a list of names in alphabetic order NEC is on top. Or maybe its a visual que that we pick up the _NEC easier with our eyes than without.

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