[First Look] LITEON SHM-165P6S DVD-RAM ! new~

LITEON first DVD-RAM Writter. :smiley:

16X DVD+/-R,
8X DVD+R9,4X DVD-R9,
24X CD-RW,48X CD-R.

*5x P-CAV Burn Speed.~

*DVD-RAM pi/po quality test.

*Mitsubishi 16x Burn Speed

Source from: www.cdbest.net

Interesting. :smiley: Anyone know what chipset it uses?

Thanks yangxi! :slight_smile:

Wes, my sources say it’s still the MT1888E. It was designed to support 5x DVD-RAM.

Like this one used in Samsung SH-W162C?

Is it the same chipset as that used in SHW-1635S? You said “still”, does that mean the possibility to upgrade (crossflash) an existing model?

cannot… although use same chipset , but PUH (optical pickup) different.

I see. Thanks.

Yes, if IIRC DVD-RAM uses laser write and magnetic read…



Is this drive avaible in a shop or get you it from another sources?



Thanks :slight_smile:


Now on the Liteon-page

Not avaible in Germany

liteon drives are hard to find in germany, that’s why i got a sony rebadge. no computer store has the 16h5s, they don’t even know that this drive exists. i hope that this new drive will be available soon.


I was three weeks on a holiday…

Did I miss a big step to the future?

What is a ram burner?

dvd-ram is nothing new, lg burners support it since 2003. it’s interesting for data backup but it can’t and won’t replace good old +r media.

Does anyone know how fast it reads DVD+RWs?
Homepage says 16x at the max, but thats what NEC also said about their ND-4550 and that it reads DVD+RWs only at 13x.

16x read is only for pressed SL DVD-ROM. Recordable DVD media, especially RW ones, are different and so are the speeds you can get with them.