First look: DVD-R DL

I just posted the article First look: DVD-R DL.

In this article we are going to take a look at this new media format and test its performance with various DVD-R DL writers and also test the media compatibility with DVD standalone devices and other PC DVD devices.

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Wow, this review really made me think twice about DVD-R DL media. I would never have thought these would me that incompatible with DVD players. I don’t own a DVD burner yet but now I know it’s support for burning DVD-R DL media won’t play a major role since I will probably not buy such discs and will go for DVD+R DL.

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i`ll try

Chas gracias :slight_smile:

Looked good-but I have gotten an access violation error from my HD audio mngr. module (conflict in memory location) & not sure how to fix this issue. It appeared immed. upon dl of the trial.