First Look at Toshiba SD-R5372V

This drive is out for quite some time, but user base is small.i do not see
much feedback so far.

recently its predecessor 5372 has got new f/w ver TU56 which adds 5x DL-9 burning to it, and some supposedly ‘improved burning quality on 16x media’.

my Toshiba SD-R5372V is rebadged by Buffalo into DVM-RX16FB.
it comes with f/w ver BA12. ( for SD-R5372 rebadged, the f/w is BA53 and no further updates)

the faceplate is the same as 5372.
my BUffalo package comes with the black face panel, which i think it is really sweet. :iagree:

the drive is still made in Philippines.

the box and the black panel included.

Prodisc 16x dvd+r at 16x (PRODISCR04)

shaky at the end.

bad quality due to jitters errors.

Imation 16x dvd+r at 16x (RICOHJPNR03)

smooth transfer graph

Samsung 16x dvd+r at 12x max (RITEKR04)

difficult to read back

expectedly horrible results!

Fujifilm 8x dvd-r at 12x max ( TYG02)

could hav been better

Fujifilm 8x dvd+r at 12x max (YUDENT02)

CMC 16x dvd+r at 16x (CMCMAGM01)

Philips 16x dvd-r at 16x (MCC03rg20)

test failed

Verbatim 16x dvd+r at 16x (MCC004, spindle of 25)

Prodisc 16x dvd-r at 16x (PRODISCF03)

test failed

Hmm writing quality looks better than the SD-R5372, but appears to still need improvement!
Thanks for the tests!

Verbatim 16x dvd-r at 16x (mcc03rg20)

read back horribly on toshiba itself, but good with nec3540

quality is really bad.

Verbatim 6x dvd-rw at 6x

not as good as most other burners

Digitank 16x dvd+r at 16x (Infomer30)

TDK 16x dvd-r at 12x max (TTH02)

and N0W…
BA13 from BUFFAL0


with BA13, i hope for more betterments.

attempting a 8x Ricoh (MIT) DVD+RW
(although BA13 improvement history did not mention anything abt ±RW writing improvement)

Fujifilm 8x DVD+R (YUDENT02)