First look at a Serial ATA (S-ATA) optical storage drive

I just posted the article First look at a Serial ATA (S-ATA) optical storage drive.

Recently we
have been given the opportunity to take a look at one of the first S-ATA drives that is under
development. The drive we received was a test model and will probably never ever…

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I believe the Plextor 712SA DVD +/- 12X Drive is such. :slight_smile:

Odd assumptions being made about SATA controllers. You admit the drive is a test drive, still under developement…yet you want to blame SATA controllers for problems? Perhaps waiting for a final version of a SATA optical drive to test before spreading FUD about SATA controllers.

SATA is great but I’ll take SATA 2 thank you! Specs look super-impressive just like the old specs for SATA 2 years ago! SATA 2 should give SCSI U-320 a good run especially in the price department. And of course by then U-640 will be out and on a PCI-X bus… OH MY FRICK’N GAWDDD!!! :o

what vare the specs of SATA 2? whats u-640!!! im sooo not clued in. i am looking 4ward to a SATA optical drive… this would make building a PC MUCH SIMPLER… and since the cables r shorter, the airflow is to be alot better!

I’m not sure you’ll see much difference. The only drives out that even come close to using the full speed of SATA1 are the WD Raptor drives. There will have to be some major changes in hard drives before the connector speed will matter.

GezusK, the Port Multiplier spec in SATA II will (apparenlty) make use of the higher speeds. (multiple drives on 1 SATA II port).

I’ve already got Ultra 320 SCSI on a PCI-X bus sat under my desk - the machine I’m using to write this has a couple of 15krpm Seagate Cheetah 15K.3 drives on an LSILogic Ultra 320 SCSI controller. To be honest, I don’t think we’ll see a faster bus speed on parallel SCSI - U320 is more than fast enough, really - if a single U320 channel is insufficient, the tendency is to add more channels (LSILogic have a dual U320 PCI-X SCSI chip and card - SCSI RAID cards are available with 1, 2 and 4 channels). Serial Attached SCSI is coming!

One of the most important additions of SATA2 is SCSI-like native command queuing. This should make burns super reliable when doing other disk related activities (proper multitasking whilst burning)!!! Marco

I think speed comes at a second place. Reliability is most important and that’s exactly what S-ATA is NOT at this moment according to Hale Landis of (