First legal Linux program runs on Xbox



I just posted the article First legal Linux program runs on Xbox.

Last week we reported that someone was prepared to donate 200k USD if the Xbox was able to run Linux software.

Today there are rumors spreading on the internet, that currently there is the…

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I know Linux’s role in todays computers, But who cares?!? Will it boot a backed-up copy will it play divx movies. I bet someone can get the Atari kernal to run on the X-Box. What are the advantages? Will there be some huge server ran off X-Boxes running Linux. For $200,000 buy a cast member of friends for 4.6 minutes. How bout Jennifer she’s fine.


Enojado: Do more research before posting such nosence… Running linux on the xbox is a big deal! Think about it and you can answer you own question… What can you do with a PC right now? everything you mentioned…Think a bit further… this huge deal comes at a price tag of only $199


ah well, you have the ppl who research it and get smarter by it, and you have the ones that post stupid replies and stay dumb. now it’s up to you to check which group you belong to…


As a opensource developer i must agree with Enojado… What is the meaning of Linux on Xbox??? PC’s and nix run just fine… Well, some people like wasting their time doing thing twice, i don’t… By the way, as it looks now, there isn’t any CLEAR benefit of a Xbox server, just think about the amount of RAM some server applications needs, to get things done… 64mb won’t just fit it… All the (nix for Xbox devs), take some beers and join me, instead of wasting your life on the oddily stupid Xbox.


I have never been a fan of linux, and never will be (more of a BSD person) however I do not think it is a waste of time porting linux to the X-box. Although I doubt using it as a server is the primary goal of any serious sys.admin. However running your own Divx movies on it, your MP3’s, DVD’s etc. is another story. A cheap multimedia box that can do all your media content and ontop of that is a games console isn’t all bad. Zyron: Something is only a waste of time if nothing is learned. // swede_242


I have to agree with swede’s opinion. The “nothing is a waste of time” comment was very well chosen. I’m a recent convert from win32 to linux and think that it’s a cool idea to get something done that hasn’t been done yet and give some smart and very curious hackers something fun and contructive to do as a “challenge”. Just because an “experiment” that is being conducted, doesn’t or won’t benefit you personally, that doesn’t make it a waste of time. I might go so far to assume that the people who like xbox (I’m a ps2 fan) will be offered a taste of what the linux for ps2 will be all about but only for those who would be curious enough to try it out and see if they like it. It’s ALL a learning experience. The hackers could come up with a robust port for the xbox because all the hardware on each console is the same, all over the world. That being, that would make it “ideal” for someone to make an alternative operating system because there’s less/no hardware differences between a xbox in New York or one in France or any other country for that matter. Even though I don’t care for anything micro$oft, I STILL applaud the attempt and wish the hackers success in their project!


couldn’t of said it better swede