First lawsuit filed against new CD copy protection scheme

I just posted the article First lawsuit filed against new CD copy protection scheme.

Wbe6800 submitted the news to us that a California woman sued Fahrenheit Entertainment, Inc. and its label Music City Records. This because they copy protected CD’s with SunComms MediaCloQ audio CD…

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the war has already began :d

The war has began and let it end with the consumer the winner - copy protection to the extent the music industry uses is complete bullshit. Thank you Karen DeLise for standing up for us all and nailing these assholes and best of luck in winning the trial :8

Copy copy copy!!! CdrWin is my “weapon” against Record Industries !

ah, how touching. this is the sorta news that keeps me comming back.

What a bunch of stupid comments to this lawsuit. Learn to read, folks. This is about the company getting information about the consumer with his/her permission or knowledge - not about copy protection on discs. You would have to be really niave to believe that companies do not have the legal right to creat some kind of copy protection system for their materials. This lawsuit isn’t about us consumers getting something for free - its about companies getting information about us for free.