First laptop with 128GB SSD from Toshiba

[LEFT]Yesterday Toshiba announced the world’s first laptop with 128GB SSD by announcing to add the SSD to the company’s Protégé laptop series. Some announced this was now the world’s lightest notebook with an 128GB SSD, which in my mind seems logical if you’re the only one out there.

By adding this SSD to the Protégé R500-S5007V Toshiba created a laptop with a good amount of storage capacity and is it the notebook for every company’s critical data? This laptop is known by many as the world’s first with such an SSD, but Toshiba also made this notebook the world’s first with a 7mm DVD SuperMulti drive. By offering this all-in-one product Toshiba wants this to be the laptop you take on your trips.

Besides these developments Toshiba announced the further expansion of the Qosimo brand with three new laptops: The Qosimo G55, Qosimo X305 and the Qosimo F55. [/LEFT]

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PerLease Excuse my Ignorance…But WHAT is “SSD”. Remember there be Thousands of peeps who won’t know what the abreviations mean.
Ain’t they 100% more EXPENCIVE than Normall HDD at this time…Smaller in GB as well ain’t they…Can’t see me buying any untill I’m 70…