First KProbe scan - any good?

This is my first KProbe scan. I’ve read thru other posts and made sure I scanned at 4x. The averages seem to be below the max of 280/4 that seems to be good, but the Total Count seems like a lot. Is this a decent scan?

I’m still on stock firmware but will be upgrading to GSC2 to be able to burn 4x media at 8x.


From the limited knowledge I have, and compared to mine, it’s not bad but not great either. Most of the really “good” scans I’ve seen have PI under 100 and PO under 2. Though this is a lot better than the scans I got with my (now returned) TDK’s


Don’t worry about the total count being high. Only the average count matters.

As for me, the scan is within the acceptable limits, and if the disc reads fine, then you’re ok. However, this is not a very good scan of MCC002 given it was burnt on 851s GS0H. Here’s mine. Check out other scans in the media forum.
As a side note: don’t make definite conclusions based on just one scan or one burn.