First Jubilation now utter Sadness

Yesterday 6th July 05 LONDON was awarded the 2012 Olympics and everyone
i spoke to was in a jubilant mood. 24 Hours later the emergency services are busy dealing with a series of Bombs that has rocked the Capital. Confirmed dead are 20 as of now, this total may actually rise in the coming days/months.
What is going on in our world? Innocent people trying to get on with their lives only to be confronted by others trying to take that liberty away. My heart goes out to the families of those who lost someone close to them and also a big thank you to our Emergency services for doing a great job.
One can only pray and hope that this would never happen again in our City
but given the mindset of those trying to disrupt our lives i guess we’ll be watching and praying. A very sad Day indeed.

Please remember those unfortunate ones that lost their lives today.

It’s really really sad.

20 confirmed dead? Wow!
Overhere they still say only 2 confirmed dead. I hoped it would stay that low.

In the past there was a list with countries that would suffer from attacks from Al-Qaeda:

[/li][li]The Netherlands

This would mean that we’re next. :eek:

There go some more of our civil liberties. Better get used to the idea of carrying round ID cards.

EDIT Hmm sorry, that was a bit cynical and insensitive of me.

welcome to the new world we all live in now…it sux but…i dunno…seems like it never ends

We’re fortunate to have been relatively sheltered from these kinds of incidents until recently (although terrorism certainly existed in the west before 9/11). In certain parts of the world this is really nothing unusual at all.

I hope all of our Londond Cd Freaks are alright…but my heart does go out to all of those affected…i guess nothing is like it use to be…safe and with a sense of security…what a sad state the world has come to…

as some would say, “it’s going to hell in a handcart” in this sense; others would say it’s far better in terms of technological advances.

My thoughts and prayers are with those in London and the UK. It will be interesting to see if they can find who did it. If it turns out to immigrants that were also from terrorist countries, I wonder if the UK will tighten up its immigration policies and security…

I don’t remember ever feeling so angry and such sorrow. Right or wrong, the filth that did this are now the mortal enemy of the British people and history demonstates that it is unwise to make enemies of us. We are now a multi-racial society and better for it and this attack has nothing to do with immigration, religion or race (Quema34). Frankly, I dont care what reason these warped bastards might think they have for bombing London I just want them all dead. Or maybe it’s better to know that they are alive and living out their lives in what must be misery and waste in order for them to do this. May they rot in hell.

Well, I hope the people who planted the bombs are found expeditiously, and then whoever the main group was that sent them. I’m not familar with the specific location of the incident, but I was in London the summer of '93 and was very impressed with how beautiful and tranquil it was around there…

i really don’t want to start something but i remember when the attack on the world trade center happened…and the whole world said the US was in a fasle sense of security that something that scale couldn’t happen to us…it should have been a wake up call for every nation…if it happened here …what makes your country …state/providence or township immune? it really brings out the bad in people when they feel a sense of accomplisment by causing that much hurt and pain to those who died and those families who have to carry on due to some stupid act…I konw for my part…i was watching CNN and they were showing footage…it was horrid…but i just don’t know if we as a human race are capable of seeing such images over and over again…after all the guilty parties are probably watching and enjoying it…

but it should make all of us appreciate what we have…and have those we love close to us…and tell them they are loved…
So…with that being said…
[sappy mode] I love ya’ll …and ya’ll know who you are…[/sappy mode]


My heart goes out to the innocent victims and their families-

That there are at least four different targets means that this is an organized attack - planned and carried out by a vicious and uncivilized organization - which should be hunted down - and disposed of in the most vicious of ways-


We felt the USA’s pain. I’m cooling down; but maybe its not a case of right or wrong, justice and injustice. Perhaps its a simple case of human conflict as has always been and will always be. Why should we try to see the other sides point of view? They dont see ours and just want us to die. Lets not try to justify our right to exist. We just need to win. Whatever it takes.

I read up on this and then saw a map that provided on the incidents. I got off at Charing Cross Station on the Underground rail when I was there. Wow. I was in the vicinity of that so long ago…

That bombing was so eerily similar to the Madrid rail bombings in how it was coordinated. wow. :sad:

Well said bigmike7.
You too SS.

These people do not deserve the luxury of death, rather they should have to live to regret their actions (in as many ways as possible).

My Deepest Sympathy to all Brits affected by the al-Qaida cowards that terrorized your country. Please continue to show them they can not win!!!

PEACE to All who seek it!!!

What Sportfish said . . .

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Started in 2001 though.

I don’t think they regret their actions.

They should be hunted and when captured: tortured!!

Is that inhuman, I don’t care!! Let them suffer, the bastards! :a