First impressions of GSA 4167B

Today I received and installed the 4167B, and I upgraded the firmware to D12. So far the drive is working all right. The only real disappointment is the time it takes to read a CD, and I think it may be somewhat slow on reading DVD. I am comparing it to my Plextor drives. The spin-up time takes really long on reading a CD; otherwise, aside from a somewhat slow read on DVD, the drive is fine–so far.

Considering the cost of this drive versus Plextor, I would say it is definitely worth half the price :slight_smile:

However, I must say that my Plextor drive is more of a joy to use because it reads faster while still maintaining quietness. Nevertheless, I am content with the LG as I didn’t want to spend the money for another Plextor.

One advantage I find with the LG over Plextor is burning is faster because I don’t have to run Plextools first before burning to get that Power Record function, and the LG burns surprisingly fast.

Still further, the packaging of this LG drive was not as well protected as Plextor, and the manual is on a CD as opposed to a booklet from Plextor. However, when one considers the price difference, and the nice speed burning, the LG 4167B is certainly an excellent value.

I agree, i love my new 4167b. I use my BenQ for all my reading and to set the booktype of dvd+rw to dvd-rom.

I find that the LG burns better than my BenQ so im very happy with it.

Just so you know the newest firmware for the drive is DL13, released a few days ago. It adds some more DVD MID’s and corrects an issue that people were having with audio cd-r’s.

D13? Aw shucks, now I’ll have to go through that disconnecting the other drive on the Secondary IDE routine. Well, I can wait a few days and take a break.

Actually, you probably don’t have to do that. Although LG’s instructions insist that you do, many people (myself included) have flashed LG writers with another drive connected on the same cable without problems. I’ve even flashed an LG writer connected as slave with a DVD-ROM drive connected as master and it worked fine.

I think those instructions are just a case of LG trying to play it safe.

I’m tempted to try it as you suggest, but this is firmware D13 and I ain’t taking any chances :cool: Not that I’m superstitious you understand :wink: