First impression of NEC ND-2500A available

I just posted the article First impression of NEC ND-2500A available.

aviationwiz used our news submit to tell us
that on Japanese site we can find information on the NEC ND-2500A. This drive
writer both DVD-R and DVD+R at 8x speed and as NEC is currently…

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I have an Atelco flyer, where they offer this drive for 159 Euro. (Bulk version) The price seems to be OK for 8x +and - I wonder what chipset they use for this drive

The drive is available here for about 145 Euro. Not bad for a drive supporting 8X DVD-R and 8X DVD+R. It also writes at 8X to some 4X DVD+R and DVD-R discs. Only negative point I see so far is that it’s noticeably slower at 8X writing compared to the competition + slower CD-R and CD-RW writing.

Hmmm… 145 euro. I bought my 1100a for even more half a year ago! :r O well, that just the way things go right? :stuck_out_tongue: