First images from PlexTools Professional XL!



Just received this trial version from PlexTools Professional XL. Before anyone asks, no I cannot give you a link to download this software. This is a trial version and was sent out to reviewers to evaluate. But, because my time is limited at the moment I will just post some screenshots and if anyone wants any information, you can request it. Now, on to the good stuff!

Installation and evaluation:

PlexTools XL has to be activated via the Internet or Telephone. I used Internet and could activate the software with the key provided to me:

First screen:

PlexTools XL is divided into three main windows as you can see. All three can be controlled seperatly. Upon running the software I immediately got a message about upgrading the firmwares of my drives:

Functions window:

PI/PO tests:

The error measurement window has undergone some graphical changes. Note that the default error limit is 500, I lowered it to 10. Also note the nice burn, Verbatim 8x DVD+R, written at 8x with the PX-716A :wink: Of course, after the scan is done you can save it as HTML file or image file (although PNG is missing from the supported file types).

Disc info:

AudioCD maker:

CUE-sheet support!!

Disk extraction:

You can generate a CUE when extracting discs as well and also create a playlist.

Disk maker:

Most of the other functions are the same as in PlexTools Professional. If anyone wants any more screenshots or some tests, let me know!


Automatic firmware updates:

Just finished testing the automatic firmware updates. Both my drives were using an older firmware version and PlexTools XL updated them automatically. The update process first downloads the updates:

And then upgrades the drive(s):

Upgrading went without a problem:


Good: DVD Video
Bad: Price, Product Activation (EVIL)

The Product Activation is the deal-breaker for me :frowning:




I wonder what the point is of the PIE graph in 0.5 increments when the results are only in whole numbers! I expected more of a pxscan-type drawing, not just a gradient in the background of the grid (which only makes for larger-size graphics files when posting on CDFreaks!)

The auto-firmware update is nice…but a little scary, so I wouldn’t use it. I don’t always flash my drive until I see some other results here on CDFreaks (for example, reports of 1.04u supposedly causing IDE data corruption). Does it make sure you don’t have a disc inserted before it does its automatic stuff…? What if you’ve just stuck a disc in the tray and it starts going before you can eject it?

CUE sheet is nice, though, but hardly worth the price by itself. Looking forward to more postings if you see anything else.


Nice one Gamefreak!


Currently if there is a disk inside the drive, the tray will automatically open before the flash program starts flashing.


I wonder what the point is of the PIE graph in 0.5 increments when the results are only in whole numbers! I expected more of a pxscan-type drawing
And what about a possibility to launch all tests at once :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, pxscan now reads not only the manufacturer ID, but also the drive used to record a dvd-r from the disc, so you have to type less (doesn’t work for dvd+r). example 1, example 2


it has to be like Eclipse i hope, you can verify a image or make a copy to disc or on the fly all at the same time !!


I can confirm this. As a test I flashed both my drives at the same time but I intentionally left a disc inside the PX-716UF drive. The drive ejected the disc before starting the flash procedure so this automatic firmware update feature worked as it should.

What I like about the new PlexTools XL is that it has potential to replace Nero and software like Exact Audio Copy (creating CUE sheets and rip to a single file). PlexTools XL is becoming an all in package that can do everything. I haven’t tested the DVD-Video option yet but I’ll do that this weekend.


Thanks a lot G@M3FR3@K, :bow:

:slight_smile: ET


I once used Plextools more often than any other recording programs, of course except Nero Burning Rom, but then that was five years ago.

Thanks for the images!


Exactly … I would like to see scalable graphs and colour shading like alexnoe did with PXScan/PXView …

By the way … does the trial version offer unlimited functionality within the trial period ?

I’d love to check out every aspect of the cuesheet support before actually deciding to buy a license …

Guess they’ll have to protect their product somehow but I see trouble with online activation …

Thining about that I reinstall my OS’s once in a while and would use Plextools XL on 2-3 system environments, I smell trouble …


That’s what I’ve been hoping for, too. Is it difficult to make a program to start quality scanning automatically without user intervention right after burning discs? After all, Nero Burning Rom kind of does it in its classical way.


Hmmmm…seems nice.

Have any1 hear anything about what it will cost?



Somewhere I saw a price of ~ US $40, but I can’t find that link now.


DAE properties:

This screen has some new options as well. Notice the TAG addition (creates a playlist based on the filename, handy when the files have no ID3 tag or are not known in freedb). Also note that you can rip MONO tracks. Don’t think I’ll ever use that option myself though :wink: Every item now also has a brief explanation when you right mouse click on it.


Regards, :slight_smile:



Thanks for your postings, G@M3FR3@K. I have a hunch this thread will become one of the more popular ones for a while. The CUE sheet support seems to be well thought out. Maybe the other features will evolve in the coming couple of years as well.


I hate to sound bitter :a , but DVD-Video is an option that should have been included with the regular Plextools that came with the drive, since there is no way to use Vari-Rec with 3rd party DVD-Video burning software.

Vari-Rec was chief among the reasons I purchased the Plextor, and I haven’t been able to use it with DVD Video. In retrospect, it’s probably a useless feature considering the excellent results from the default Power-Rec and Auto-Strategy.

But I’m not about to purchase Plextools XL on the principal of the matter, that I’m still owed (and peeved) about not getting the DVD-Video support in Plextools.