First hybrid Blu-ray/DVD unveiled in Japan



I just posted the article First hybrid Blu-ray/DVD unveiled in Japan.

Japanese-based Infinity Storage Media announced a new Blu-ray, DVD hybrid disc that will play in a DVD player and high-definition Blu-ray player.
The Japanese TV series “Code Blue” will be…

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Glad to see proper development of this kind of technology! The people who don’t want to necessarily replace their movie catalog will be able to play these hybrid discs in both their Blu-ray and DVD players…


And the cost will be? Same as DVD? If not then get stuffed.


Price by Japanese standards or American standards? Either way, it’s a new technology, so it’s likely going to be quite pricey for a while. I am quite curious to see what price this technology intros for when it comes to North America.


Interesting, sounds like they can’t use the official DVD logo yet as it’s not approved by the DVD forum.


“Interesting, sounds like they can’t use the official DVD logo yet as it’s not approved by the DVD forum.”

Interesting my ass! The part that irks me is, they can’t use the logo because it wont work in all DVD players. What a crock. If your product works, you get a logo nobody looks at, if it doesn’t, you don’t - but you can still peddle the damn thing. Why? Because the twits at the “BD Ass.” gave it the freakin’ nod and the DVD Forum doesn’t give a hoot about compatibility apparently, they just think they have a cool log they can give out sometimes. Gee- I wonder why? Oh maybe because the royalties still apply to each sale even if it doesn’t work for some customers. Great. Both these “organisations” are worthless. It’s like the foxes are in charge of guarding the hen house.

Hey I got an idea fellas! Since the disc does not work corrrectly and can’t get the DVD logo…I say what the heck- let’s add more layers and make it even more screwed up!!!
The BDA and the DVD Forum can take these faulty Frankendiscs and shove them up their collective asses.