First HDTV, needs certain features and on a budget - have no idea!



OK, I have no flat panel TVs in the house.

For £200 or more with extras, I am after a new TV that will enable 480p on my Wii, as well as that I obviously want it to be future proof, so it’s gotta be HD (I assume that will have component input?). I do not want a massive TV; it will be replacing a 21" and I’d want that or maybe a little larger.

I want 4:3 ratio, and if it has a built in Freeview tuner, that would quite frankly be amazing as it would save a lot of cabling hassle and mine is dying. I also want a 5.1 surround system - power is not what I’m after, just 3D sound and if a TV came with that then it would be ideal as it would save hooking my input gear into a separate system.

I don’t know what will be quality and what won’t be, and I’d hate to get it home and find it had dead pixels that the manufacturer/retailer wasn’t willing to replace which a cheapo brand is more likely to do.

So to summarise:

Ideal pluses:
Freeview tuner
Comes with 5.1 speakers

Price - £200 ish, obviously more with the optional pluses.

Can anyone help me, or at least recommend brands or even places to buy (UK)?


No such thing as a 4:3 HDTV.


Well actually there is but I’ve changed my mind.

I’m actually after a 16:9 22" with the above requirements!


Just my humble opinion here. My computer monitor is 22". If you are going for a tv that small I would think even 480i would look pretty darned good. My daughters have a 32" LG LCD 720p tv and the normal cable channels (non HD) are very good. HD is a bit better but I think anything smaller in HD would be a waste of your hard earned cash.:slight_smile:


Just my opinion.

£200 is targeting yourself into a small corner with out much selection at all. You’ll have a bunch of T.V. 's that are really no name brands and a guy is going to have to do some leg work to find out who really makes them and question themselves if I should purchase it.

£400 to £600 will put you into a range where you can a least purchase a mainstream brand.[B]




£200 is all I can spare! Or £300 with the digi AND speakers.


Maybe you can list and give us links all the HDTVs in your price range so our knowledgable members can let you know which one is the better one?


Samsung - LN-T1954H 19" 720p LCD HDTV is about all I could find in that range. Samsung does make a good product IMHO.


Just splurge for the 65" Fujitsu Plasma. That’s my purchase soon. :slight_smile:


Great. Want to give me a couple of grand?


With no extras, and only 22", the nicest one (Samsung) we could find in Curry’s was about £279.

With all those requirements and such a small budget, I’d save a bit more then think about it, or take Zathros’ advice.

Maybe you could also take Zevia’s advice and give us a bunch to pick the best from?