First HD-DVDs on the net!



yep, they are out there, even in form of HD-DVD rip now. I just found Riddick and dl-ed an .nfo file. (for edu purposes only) :wink:
Here it is:



Video: 1920x1080 29.97fps 1080p VC-1

Audio: English (DD+ & DTS), Spanish, French, English directors commentary. (Only English DD+ track playable with PowerDVD.)

All files are in some EVO format, including two by 10 gig or so.
What is EVO anyway?


Found some info:


AFAIK, EVO (EVOB) is the container format for HD DVD movie files, similar to VOB/AVI/MKV/MOV, etc.


That makes sence. I think PowerDVD can play it off an HDD. I will wait for Serenity to check it out :cool:

I suppose AACS is still embedded tho.


Well if this is one of the titles mentioned in the discussion, then it will likely be decrypted, otherwise a lot of people have wasted a lot of time :wink:


^Serenity is out as well . Full disc, with 19.6GB worth of dataโ€ฆ menus and extras included.


Is it possible to download these files and play them via the PC and output full 1080p to my HDTV through some video card that supports HDMI output?

How is everyone watching these movies?


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