First HD Bollywood movie released on Versatile Multilayer Disc

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May 02, 2005 02:40 PM US Eastern Timezone New Medium Enterprises, Inc. Unveils First Full Length Bollywood Movie ‘Shabd’, In Stunning High-Definition, On Its Red Laser 20GB and 40GB…

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Proprietary cost effective… I’m pretty sure those words don’t belong together.

Without major backing, any “cost savings” are a pipe dream. While the first frankenstein Blu-HD-DVD-Ray players will cost > $300 (my guess is they wont get TOO outrageous for entry level players, even in the first gen,) and the software will probably cost a few bucks more than DVDs, probably made up for with super platinum edition type discs. Everyone has seen how DVDs took off, and rather than skim off the high end market, I think the corp players in this game want to take HD mainstream as fast as possible - why else would they compromise on the whole HD / Blu Ray split?