First half of the dvd movie plays fine, second half not

When I play a burned dvd of a movie on my Toshiba dvd player it plays just fine for the first half of the movie. Then during the second half it starts to hiccup and then stopping and skipping.

BUT – when I play the same movie on the computer I burned it on, it plays fine ALL the way through, no hiccups, skips or stoppage.

I usually back up my movies this way:

start Anydvd
shrink movie with DVD shrink
burn movie to Sony + DVD disk with TDK dvd burner using
Roxio DVD Creator 6

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Start using Verbatim or TY media, burn at 8x - 12x, and problem should go away…

Thank you for the reply.

It turned out it wasn’t the media, but it was my TDK burner that was causing the problem.

I bought some Verbatim disks and they wouldn’t even play at all in my dvd player after burning. I used a different dvd burner, used the Sony media and the Verbatim disks and they both worked fine.

Can anyone recommend a reliable brand/model of DVD burner?


A lite-on, Pioneer, Samsung are good to get, here’s a list of good stuff, if your MB supports SATA then definitly get a sata drive Link

Can anyone recommend a reliable brand/model of DVD burner?