First Flash, Now Questions?

HI All.
Flashed my HP 300n (OEM) DVD/CD Writer. Now it displays as a NEC DVD-RW 1300A.
Initially it played all media fine, the auto reset on the region worked, everything looked good. When I burned video to a dvd , it stopped short, froze and I assumed it was screwed. The disc played the new recording ok, but surprisingly, after the new recording, the “old” images (using + rw) were still there, not erased as expected.
Now, however, the drive will only function with a CD. Will not acknowledge any media present if I place a dvd in the tray.
Do I perhaps now need NEC drivers for what was once . an HP 300N , or should I reverse the process and start again. Any help, in “Novice” terms would be appreciated. Thanks.

Which firmware did you flash your drive with?

Firmware flashing is at your own risk, especially when you are using patched flashers/firmwares.

Your 300n is an Nec 1100A.
The crossflashing to 1300A is experimental and only gives average results with -R/-RW, if it even works ok.

Don’t use NERO to erase/format RW media, use DVDInfoPro!

I understand it is at my own risk. If it’s screwed, no big deal, I’ll buy another one. Just trying to find out what went wrong/what I did wrong . If it "didn’t take ", why is the programing in the PC acknowledging the “new drive” on restart, it is also found in the DVD/ROM within device manager. It’s listed everywhere it should be. So I did something right I guess . It is not a DVD writer /player anymore ??

NickC : it was the "New NEC 1x00 hacked + booktype/bitsetting firmware 1.0c test version 2
I wasn’t concerned about burn speed or using -DVD, I did it to overcome the bloody region BS , which had locked on a region.

I only use Nero info. tool . Nothing else. I burn with Tsunami DVD author Pro version which also will erase. :slight_smile:

Uninstall the IDE controllers + the drive entry using Devicemanager, then restart.

No, sadly, that made no impact. I get an error message "Exception in Display Run Map. Run Map "
Also. from the Computer services log, within the system, Service Control Manager seems to have something to do with the problem. The list of errors coincide with time of the attempted Flash, with no problem showing prior to that.

Update for info. and comment ?.
I did a complete destructive system restore after scripting issues began to surface , after the Flash.
Apart from " exception in Display Run Map", it appears that a file/driver disappeared. “Cannot locate PNP Device ID.” error message.
Not sure of the relavance, but if anyone knows, would like to hear about it.
Thanks for your input Chef. pity it didn’t work. Tried again after restore: same result.

Open Devicemanager, check out the entries and try to re-install/update quirky drivers.