First flash experience...not sure about results


Need some advice here. I just flashed my 2500a with TDB fw.

I downloaded this off pdu’s signature as below

ND-2500A as Sec. master, 1.062003121900 (ripspeed unlocked)
BTC DVD-ROM 316C as Sec. slave

NEC ND-2500A firmwares (including DOS flasher v1.0 by TDB)
Get the official version 1.062003121900 here (my own dump)
Get the regionfree/ripspeed unlocked version 1.062003121900 here here (patched by TDB, dumped by me)
Get the ripspeed unlocked version 1.062003121900 here here (patched by TDB, dumped by me)
Visit The Dangerous Brothers (TDB) here

Lite-On stuff
To do the 451@851 trick you’ll need this fw patcher
Some very usefull utils can be found here (you’ll want this)

I unrar’ed the files , made a dos boot disk , copied the flasher utility and v106rpc1.bin files over to the floppy , rebooted .

This all went fine. I tried to backup my original firmware before flashing but half way through the write process i got a write error. I tried it twice but same result each time. So i decided not to worry about a backup and proceeded with the flash.

It went fine and there were no apparent problems.

I then did a soft reset into win xp. Of course i found that the 2500a was’t seen by the operating system. So i did a power off then on. The 2500a was there but …and this is the problem…when i check the properties of the 2500a it tells me i have 1 change of region left (before flashing i had 4 changes left) and it still tells me its set to region 2.

I should mention i forgot i had a disc in the drive when i flashed. This was a region 2 disk.

So reading through the forums i came across a thread about NOT having a disc in when you flash. So i took the disc out and reflashed . Again everything went fine but still the same results.

So what i am wondering is why have i only i change of region left ? and why does it tell me its set to region 2. My understanding was it should now be region free ?

I would appreciate any help you can offer with this. Indeed this may all be correct. My first time to flash so i dont know how the end result should be.



Well just ripped a disc. It got up to 11.0x reading speed , so the hack has worked without a problem on the speed side…

I wonder if the files are back to front on the sig and i only got the speed unlock version and not the regin free one…

is there any danger to keep flashing the fw ? i mean apart from the obvious dangers of wrecking a drive due to an error like power going off in the middle of a eprom flash etc…

Can you flash over and over and over without drama or is there a practical limit to how many times you can flash ?

Thanks in advance


OC , anybody …any ideas ?