First experience with FLAC files

My niece is new to computing. Her parents just bought her a Gateway notebook running XP HOME. She is far from being computer savvy but has managed to rip some of her favorite songs from her CD collection and was also able to buy some music from iTunes. She just bought herself an iPod Shuffle and has learned how to transfer her music to it.

She is also a major Pearl Jam fan. She told me that “they” are offering a 10-CD collection of live music for free download. However, it’s offered as a bit torrent file – which she admits is beyond her capabilities. Being my favorite niece (actually, my only niece) and since I have cable connection to the net, I offered to download the file for her, burn it to CDs and mail it to her (she is out of state).

I did manage to download the files (there are over 100 of them) last night (4 hours for a 5 Gig download) but discovered that they are all in “flac” format.

Now to my question (I know, finally):

Is there software available to convert these 100+ “flac” files to “wav” format?

Since this is not something I foresee doing again, so I’d like to stay away from paid software if that is at all possible.

Doing some research, I’ve seen reference to Nero being able to burn FLAC files to audio CDs. If this is true, then my problem is solved – I do have NERO 6.

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FLAC stands for free lossless audio codec so rest assured you won’t have to pay anything to convert the files you downloaded. Basically FLAC preserves the quality of the original file because it doesn’t throw away information like other formats (mp3, vorbis, musepack, dolby digital etc…) do.

Go to this page:

and download the binary appropriate for your OS. FLAC functions as a command line utility so you’d be better off downloading FLAC Frontend too (unfortunately this is only for Windows and I don’t know whether similar applications exist for other OS’s). Once you’ve installed FLAC and the frontend, simply open the latter, add the files you want to decode and hit decode. After a while it will leave you with nice uncompressed WAV PCM files ready to be burned to cd.

PS I believe you are correct in that Nero can burn directly from FLAC’s, although I’ve never tried it myself. I think you need some sort of plug-in though, since I’m not sure Nero can handle flac files natively.

PS II Upon inspection, I found out that there is a plug-in for Nero to handle FLAC, even though it’s based on an old version of FLAC (1.1.0; current version is 1.1.2):

Thanks, midnightsun.

I’ll check your links tonight when I get home.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:


what location did you find the bt file? (the pearl jam download)


rat and later handle FLAC natively.

I also posted this on the VirtualDR site and someone there recommended converting it from FLAC to WAV with dBpowerAMP before I burn it. I already have dBpowerAMP but didn’t know it had a FLAC coded. Now I know. Downloaded their FLAC codec and everything converts!

Rat, as for the bt file itself:

Go to
Under “P J News”, follow the “More artwork for the Green Habit compilation” link.
Follow the link in “For information about and access to the compiliation, click here.”
It’s the “pj-ghcompilation1.1.torrent” file.

As I said, it took me about 4 hours to download.

Thanks again, all.


Aw, cool! :cool:

Thanks for letting us know that. :slight_smile:


Off-topic, I know, but she really should not use I-Tunes and an I-Pod Shuffle. They will bite her in the ass later when she moves up to some real audio equipment.