First ever kazaa problem, must read

i was downloading a big .avi file, half way the computer shut down unexpectedly, after i reboot and got connected, all the files can download ok except the big avi file i was downloadind before, it keep connecting to users but cannot download!? however i can search the same file and redownload it again from the begining. But i would like to salvage the .avi file and have it resume downloading, pls advise

While a file is downloading it is saved with the extension .dat. If Kazaa loses track of this download due to a crash or something then you cannot resume it. You will just have to download it again.

this ocassionally happens when ur computer resets itself (maybe your computer got a bit too hot?), unfortunately i have to 2nd that and the only way u can continue is to start again.

I was downloading a file when the power suddenly went out, but when it was on again kazaa was able to resume. That was actually not the first time - I’d had this happened to me before and I didn’t have to start from the very beginning at all.

I beg to differ:

"McKack’s Resuming broken and/or backup .dat’s kazaa tip

This is a very “hard” way to resume the .dat’s and may not always work.
However all times I have tried, it worked fine, it seems DC++ uses
a similar way, if not an identical storage method when saving the files.
The only difference is DC++ can resume, and doesn’t use xxxxx.dat as a temp name,
it uses the full filename and extension.

Warning: Backup your .dat first incase something goes wrong.

  1. Run scandisk so it can fix any consistency of the file if it’s a “broken” .dat

  2. Rename the .dat to it’s “real” name, for example

  3. Get the latest version of Direct Connect ++ @
    or if you already have it installed and set up, start it and jump to step 4.

    1. Install, start, and share a fair amount of data, 5 to 15GB minimum,
      that should get you in on some OK hubs. (I share 30GB so I get into most hubs)
  4. Set up DC++ to use a big hub list like

  5. Go to the public hub list and enter “movie” in the Filter box, then Refresh the list.

  6. Join a decent hub and search for the name of your renamed .dat - in this case

  7. I found 4 files, all the same size. If you find multiple sized versions of the file,
    pick the one that the most people have. Also make sure the file you are
    going to download is bigger than the renamed .dat.

  8. Right click the file and choose to download it to file, locate the renamed .dat and confirm."