First Ever Conclusive Experimental Evidence that DVD Discs Degrade Over Time

Hi All, I have conducted the experiment in Singapore.

I have initially posted the results in a Singapore-based hardware forum.

The results are here:

not to burst your bubble, but this is certainly not the “first ever” test of this type. it’s already well-known (and has been known for a very long time now) that recordable discs degrade over time. in fact, this media subforum is filled with threads on the subject.

but certainly not in a few weeks right?

i will lay a thousand to one that nobody has PI values as high as 6000 and PO values as high as 1000

Error values in excess of 1400 are theoretically impossible. The drive in use is clearly not reporting errors correctly. It’s either reporting the errors in large ECC blocks, or it’s just bonkers.

how do i go about troubleshooting?

it reports original dvd discs at PI 20+ and PO 0.xx so i assume the MSI drive is okay

i found it! Nero CD-DVD Speed v3.00 is scanning using 42.06 ECC blocks!

Most likely it’s the drive that’s doing that.

is there no way to set the number of ECC blocks? any workaround possible? thanks in advance.

CDspeed tries to get the lowest ecc possible. it sounds like you have your dvd in pio mode thus the large ecc…make sure you have it in udma mode. this also could point out why your scans are so bad…your discs may not be as bad as you think :wink:

also if in that link that its you thats running scans from a dvd rom then thats why your getting such erronous results. if you frequented this forum more you would know that DVD-Roms give erronous scans…you need a dvd writer!

really though, after reading that thread on the forum link you gave i can understand why your confused it seems no one there had a clue on scans and general DVD hardware at all!

sigh… CD-DVD Speed v3.00 listed MSI 16X DVD-ROM drive as one of the supported drives.

anyway, my primary IDE channel is running in Ultra DMA mode (connected to DVDROM drive)

SIGH…that post just proves your ignorance on this matter…just becuase cd speed supports the drive for testing (meaning the drive does return some form of diagnostic data) doesnt mean that it will give accurate quality pi/pif scans from it…obviously if your getting a average 40 ecc from the drive then the drive is not going to scan pi/pifs accuratly…i suggest you read more on the cdfreaks forums before you post again. :wink:

bottom line is DVD-ROMs do not give accurate bler scans!