[First Encounter] Can't burn RitekG04 with RecordNow4.6!

burner: 451@851 - GS0A
media: RITEKG04 (bundled LiteON dvd-r)

When i tried to burn the -r with RecordNow4.6, it wouldn’t start initialisation and an error message returned! There’s nothing in the error message, it just said error!! :frowning:

So i burned it with Nero6.0.3, no problem at all…

It’s really strange!!? :confused:

It turns out to be the best burn i have!? More precise, the best KProbe scan i have :stuck_out_tongue:

PI max = 10
PO max = 6 and only 54 in total through out the whole disc 4.35GB

However, my ps2 can’t recognize this dvd-video!!

Still can’t upload png file!!?? :a