First DVD-recorder/VHS combination product from Sony

I just posted the article First DVD-recorder/VHS combination product from Sony.


Superb picture quality
whatever your preferred recording platform
The new RDR-VX410 is the first
combination DVD…

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No DivX (Mpeg4) support… Why? Not good! :frowning: And does it offer PAL progressive (576p), or maybe it just converts everything to 480p? I don’t want to watch at NTSC resolution! ( I’ve noticed that the specific term “Dual-Progressive” or “PAL Progressive” wasn’t used, and therefore I ask… )
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did this just come out? cause here in canda they been selling a pioneer dvd recover / vhs combo for a while now

Note that this is the first “Sony” combo unit. Many other makers have had dual DVD/VHS product on the shelves for months. Also note, that this is typical Sony qaulity, ie, crap compared to their competition.

Also note that it offers +R Double Layer (=8.5 GB) recording - not just single layer (4.7 GB) recording. It doesn’t offer neither DVD-RAM recording, nor -R Dual Layer recording. But still, +R DL is quite rare these days (for standalone devices, as far as I know) - so this recorder is good enough.

I dunno, sounds like a spaceship with a steam engine:d Throw in a turntable, will ya? Cheers