First DVD +R DL Burn, Toast, "booktyping"

Just got toast 7, and made a backup of a short movie to a DVD -R disc, no problems.

Now I’d like to make a backup of a different movie that is longer. I have TDK DVD +R DL
discs (8.5GB, 4Hours), and am using a Powermac G5 with Superdrive (Pioneer DVR-110D).

Selecting the “DVD-Video from Video_TS” format, the screen shows “1 movie and 30 extras, 3:35:33”.
When I check the copy options, it says it will have compression, 41% reduction, very good quality. I
don’t understand why it is needing to compress…is there some other box I need to check somewhere?

Also, I’ve been told that “Booktyping” is the best way to go, to create a DVD-ROM, for maximum chances of working on any set-top player I might have. I’m not seeing that term anywere in the help, or the forums. If my drive is able to booktype, do I need to do anything in Toast to accomplish that?


The firmware in that model (and the previous couple) is set to booktype DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM, so there’s no need to worry about that bit (no pun intended).


There is likely a setting you have to change somewhere… Toast still seems to be thinking it’ll be burning a single layer DVD. No compression is necessary with a DL disc.

i just tried the new Verbatim 2.4x-8x verified media and it wrote great 19 mins to burn.
unfortunately nero cd-dvd speed refuses to even read the burn. cyclic error!
74 buxs for 20 dvds!
2 new Sony DRU-810As with 1.0D firmware.
Damn, can any drive actually burn DL at 8x?

The Sony drive should do a fine job on any sort of MKM media, since it’s based on a BenQ… Perhaps it would work better if you crossflashed it to a BenQ 1640 with BSOB firmware?

BSOB can’t write MKM DL at 8X and have anything else read it, either.