First DVD Quality Test on my new BenQ DW1650. Any good?

Hey fellow BenQ/Phillips owners,

This is my 1st ever post, and I’m just a newbie in the world of burn quality testing as I’ve only just taken delivery of my new 1650 drive :smiley: :smiley:

This burn was using 8x store branded UME01 discs. I know they’re cheapo, but i’m looking to buy some TYG02’s soon (unless anybody has some more cash friendly alternatives)

Could anyone tell me if these scans are any good? I burnt encoded DVD Video files at 8x using Nero, and kept the file size down to avoid the outer edge of the disc.



Never heard from UME01 disks before, but the writing quality seems to be good!

UME discs are poor quality cheap media. But with the right burner it can give good results.
Your scan is very typical of this type of disc, a pretty good burn overall.

Here is what you should be looking for:

PIE Max Under: 280
PIF Max Under: 16
PO Failures: 0
Jitter should be under 12%

This is just a guideline though, as long as the transfer rate test is smooth you shouldnt have too many problems.

PS: 8x is the scanning speed you should use on a BenQ

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum godedd. :iagree:
I can only echo TOSHIBAers’ post.
At present MCC 16x media is better than Taiyo Yuden. This will change with f/w updates as TY 16x is the new kid on the block.
8x & 12x TY seems to have an edge in the quality stakes over MCC.
These differences are marginal & either is an excellent choice.

Thanks guys, I also have some Ritek G05’s that i’ve just bought which are absolutely useless. Is it reasonable for me to take it up with the site i bought them from (SVP) or is it just my stupid fault for not doing enough research?

Take it up with SVP if you want. They have excellent customer service, im sure they will get it sorted if you want to exchange them for somthing else. Ritek G05 is crap.

Hi :slight_smile:
In my dealings with SVP I’ve found them to be more than fair. In regards to Ritek G05, well we all make mistakes even I’ve got some floating around. Bear in mind even if SVP were to take back the G05s’ you’ve got packaging & postage to deal with. My advice would be to keep them to test new f/w or s/w, possibly for short term backups written @ 4x.

Hey, :slight_smile:
I already have some CMC MAG AE1’s for that purpose, and I want to make sure that my movie backups are of good quality from now on, which is why I fancy exchanging them for MCC’s or TY’s. Have you found SVP to be one of the most competitively priced sites on the net? Are there any other places you would recommend?

Hi :slight_smile:
I get a lot of media from lordofthedeals
Infiniti 16x both plus & minus same coating as Verbatim MCC 03RG20/MCC 004.
Taiyo Yuden from SVP.

SVP always seem to have the cheapest prices, and the best Customer service.

Hi Chancooluk,

Would you recommend these or these The speed of the burn isn’t essential, just the quality. And £17 for 100 MCC03 although 8x is reasonable isn’t it?

Just burnt another of my crappy UME01 discs. Another pretty respectable result. Bought them from Tesco - 50 for £10. Burned at 8x recommended speed. May try an overburn to see what happens!