First DVD movie burn, bad results?

ok i just made my first dvd movie burn i used with dvd decrypter. first i ripped it in iso mode then burned it. im using a 832s with VS0B i got from codeguys site. i used T01-00 media.I used the booktype program from liteon. anyway to get the rates lower? Would burning with nero make any difference?

You could try applying the recommended tweaks with OmniPatcher. This will switch the T01/00 strategy to the T01/01…

Is there a possibility for error in the accuracy of the kprobe if the probe does not register a media type or that there is even media in the disc. Just asking because I have had that happen before and the results were much worse then a scan that reported the media…

ive tried the recommended tweaks for t01-00 media, theyre posted in the CG3E thread. the results wasnt good. ill try to get this figured

Don’t feel bad I’m having all kinds of problems myself with my Liteon drives
I’ve tried two different kinds of media in both of my drives. I had the 832s
to start with and it worked half way good for a while but I didn’t get the
best of burns with it to start with. Then all of a sudden all I was getting was
mounds of errors with it in KProbe and Nero and all of the disks were mostly
unplayable so I bought a different brand of disks and received the same or
even worse results. I thought the drive had borked out on me so I bought
a 1633s and installed it today and with the same media I get as bad or even
worse results with it as I did with the 832s. I’m using the RICOHJPN 01 4x
disks and PRODISC R03 8x and with the 03’s I can not even get it to finish
a burn 90% of the time even at 2.4x it comes up with a error at about 97% of
the way done and kicks out the disk on the 1633s. :a I get around 98% of
finished disk with the 01’s but get mostly all high error counts in KProbe and
Nero will not even finish the disk quality test on most of them. :frowning: Here is one
of the KProbe scans on the PRODISC R03’s burned at 4x instead of the rated 8x
with the BS41 firmware and it aint pretty :sad: