First DVD Burn Failed!

I just tried to burn my first DVD using a A07U and TDK 4X DVD +R and it failed. I burned it at 4x.

What gives? I haven’t changed the firmware. Any suggestions? Is recording DVDs a if’y situation?

I think you’re going to have to be a little more specific in order for someone to help. What were you trying to burn? Using what software? Current firmware? What error did you receive? This group is extremely knowledgable and helpful, but they have to know what they’re dealing with. :slight_smile:

Looking at the firmware number I probably should start by updating that first. But I have a question if my DVR-A07U is actually that and it’s normal for the firmware to report as being a DVR-107D.

My DVR-A07U returns the following information:

Current Revision : 1.03
Release Date : 03/12/19
Model : Pioneer or Generic 3rd party model
Serial Number : CLDL000xxxxx

This firmware is already latest version.
This firmware does not need to be updated.

Searching the forum at I found a reference to the A07U being the retail boxed version of the 107D which is the OEM non-boxed version. I also upgrade the firmware to 1.10 Non-official and successfully burned my first DVD data disk using TDK 4x DVD +R at 4x burn speed.

Nero did give me the option to burn at a higher rate than 4x which this firmware is supposed to allow. How do I do this?



The official 107d firmware will only let you burn 4x rated media at 4x, the hacked firmware will only let you burn 4x rated media at 6x and 8x with dvd-r only there is no hack at this time to let you burn 4x rated dvd+R media at 6x or 8x. If you want to burn dvd+r at 8x you need to buy real 8x media. verbatim datalife plus 8x sells at office depot for $11.95 a 3 pack. thats about $4.00 a disk.

Thanks for the info. I’m still getting use to all these different types of media for DVD.

Ya I know its taxing isnt it. anyway there could be dvd+R 8x all hack later from >nil: but so far its just -R and then it works only on good -r media , I have heard it works ok on princo dvd-r 2x , 4x at 8x. I have not tested with the hack on princo as yet.