FIRST DVB-S2 PCI-card announced

Finally, it’s announced by KNC ONE and will really be available soon.
Even DVB-S2 Receivers from PACE, HUMAX and PHILIPS are not available yet…

Only announced as german version - so far.

Hell, I want at least one!!! :clap:

Availability is announced for end of January 2006!

Keep it coming!

I want one too!!! :slight_smile: …can anyone PM me a supplier in Europe (Germany is good!)

Buhl DATA service wants to offer the first solution together with Knc One at the end of January 2006 for the receipt of the HDTV programs of pro filters and Sat.1 at the PC. That announces the on-line portal AreaDVD. The new receiver map “TV station Dvb-s2 plus” of Knc One is to support the new modulation procedure Dvb-s2. For the decoding of the video data compressed in MPEG4 the software “Sceneo TVcentral” is responsible from Buhl DATA.

For the HDTV receipt of premiere hp the PC system is however suitable. The “TV Station” maps supports the rendition of Pay TV of KNC One just like" TVcentral "over a Common interface interface. But for exclusively in Nagravision coded the premiere there are hp programs no decoding modules on the market.

TVcentral is offered to center solution in the version 2.0 starting from 49,95 euro and is a complete Media. The selling price of the “TV station Dvb-s2 plus” of Knc One is not well-known yet.

DO, 08 December 2005 12:08:31

Advance notice: TV station Dvb-s2 plus
Data of the TV station Dvb-s2 plus and software
TV Station DVB-S2 Plus

* SDTV and HDTV (Mpeg-4 AVC/H.264 and Mpeg-2 standard)
* Receipt of broadcast and TV programs as well as recording in most diverse formats in DVD quality
* PCI Audiostreaming (transmission of the audio data over the PCI Slot)
* InterNet by satellite
* Timeshifting
* EPG (electrical NIC Program Guide) over the television signal
* Videotex 


* GlobeTV digital with EPG, Teletext and satellite radio
* H.264/MPEG2 video decoder
* Globe DATA with network drivers for the receipt of IP data (InterNet) over satellite
* Manual in the pdf format

Scope of supply

* PCI plug-in card, simple length
* Software CD
* Installation guidance

Technical data
Frequency range: 10.7 GHz - 12.75 Ghz
Modulation procedure: according to DVB - Dvb-s2 standard
HF entrance: F socket
HF exit (Loopthrough): F socket
DiSEqC: 1.2
Similar video entrance: PAL - Composite video

  • s-video
    Dimensions (HxL) mm after PCI local bus Spec.: 120 x 82

© KNC ONE - - last change: 09.12.2005

More info, again only in german first. Who knows why…

Required specs:

* Intel compatible CPU faster than 2 GHz (ab 3.2 GHz Dual Core für HDTV)
* min. 1 GByte RAM
* min. 30 MByte free Space on the Harddisk
* one free PCI Slot
* Graphiccard with DirectDraw
* DirectX compatible Soundcard
* CD ROM Drive
* Windows XP Prof. SP2 or MCE

Betatester info (german) in a dvb-s2 blog:

I presume this will still work OK with standard DVB-S?

The beta tester didn;t sound too happy, but I don’t read German and Google can’t translate well enough for me to follow exactly what the rouble was; was it with the hardware of the card, or just that brioadcasters broadcast poor quality shows and it is very CPU intensive to decode h.264?

The later one… Too much content which just were upscaled.

More info (german) :

Nice to see some screenshots of a working model :wink: However, I’ll wait until there are a decent number of HD channels out before I fork out on one, even if they become widely available now. Chances are that by then, the models will have improved and prices will come down a lot. My main interest is music video channels and as the majority of these don’t even broadcast in full standard definition (typically 480-544 x 576), I cannot see any HD music video channels starting in the near future.

It’s a pity to see that Lyngsat is not listing any DVB-S2 channels in its frequency charts. Then again, chances are that maybe they don’t even have DVB-S2 compatible equipment to look out for them. :stuck_out_tongue:

A first test is published in the new print of c’t magazin (german).
Out today for abonnents, out monday for everyone.

Available NOW!

TechnoTrend will release their new dvb-s2 card “S2-3200-HDTV” mid march.

Estimated price is only €129!

TT cards got delayed again and again, but now it seems to need just another week before they are finally available.

i pray

The DVB-S2 cards from Technotrend are now available.

Check for more updates and info.

I got my dvb-s2 pci card. Works fine.

Also available is the external usb2 one from Pinnacle, but costs 50 bucks more than the 2300 from TT.

…3200 from TT, sorry.

My 3200 runs fine with ProgDVB here.


There is some news regarding Dual DVB-S2 cards with hardware mpeg4 decoder: