First DL burn with 1116IM - garbage

I just tried burning my first DVD+R DL with a BTC 1116IM drive running A190fw.
The results are terrible. It was burned and scanned at 2.4x.

I was getting great single layer burns with TY (Yuden000 T02) and Verbatim -R (MCC 03RG20)
and +R (MCC 004) single layer.

I used Verbatim (MKM 001 Singapore) for this DL burn, everything was fine til it switches to the
2nd layer and all hell breaks loose.
The chapters with lots of errors do not play properly in the DVD player (stutters/pixelizes).

So, here’s the attached scan info…can anyone can help?
I have 2 days to decide if i should take drive back.

A couple of questions:

  1. Does this look like a drive or a media problem?
    I have read some about Verbatim MKM 001 having problems lately.

  2. Notice the closer to the hub the laser gets on the 2nd layer, the worse the results (or do i have that backwards?).
    Does this point to the drive or the media or inconclusive?

Any opinions/insights appreciated… I am a newbie…not likely I am
misinterpreting these scans…open to suggestions although not willing to generate $20 worth of
coasters to test this $40 drive. :frowning:

I know BTC is not the most popular brand here…but I was getting great SL results…I think my luck ran out.
Is there anyone with a decent DL burn with the BTC 1016 or 1116. The one other burn i saw (from DvDist) looks similar
but he used the same media i think.

never mind…i read around and experimented…its the drive.
too bad…the single layer burns were great. its going back to fry’s.
very disappointed.

i’ll be looking for a benq 1640 and haunting that sub-forum in the near
future, i expect.
attached is the last single layer burn for me with this drive…not the best
i’ve had but still very good.