First day burning

I’m currently burning The Sims Hot Date, and I know I’ve done something wrong. It’s been reading the disc for almost 4 hours now.

I have a 46x16x48 I/O Magic cd-rw, which I’ve found out through searches is a Optorite (Accesstec) drive.

I’m using the cd-rom (sony 48x something or other) that came with the computer. I’m running Windows Me (Yukk), with 1.-something gigs available.

I tried cd mate and deleted it.

I’m now using the latest version of CloneCD.

The problem I’m having is with Jumpstart Kindergarten. No programs will burn it. I tried CloneCD with it before attempting the Hot Date. It read fast, wrote fast, said the burn was successful, nothing. I put the burned cd in the cd-rom and it says “insert disc.”

I have a 2 year old beating this disc (and my sims cd) all day, and need copies!!!

I bet they have some really tough copyrighting on it because they know young children will ruin the cd, forcing parents to buy more copies.

Some protections take a while to read.

read through this forum to learn more. Especially the search function is of great help in this respect. You might want to try search strings such as ‘Sims’ or ‘Safedisc’.

Things are alo dependant on your type of writer and its compatibility to overcome certain protections. For this you can check the compatibility list on the CloneCD websit":

I didn’t see the I/O Magic cdrw on the supported cd writers list at the CloneCD website but this DOES NOT mean you can make a backup. I would use a program called ClonyXXL and scan the disc you are attempting to copy to see what protection is on the cd. “Most” pc games are protected by Safedisc or SecuROM. After you find out what cd protection is on the cd use a new program that just came out for CloneCD called CloneCD Profiler. This tool lists many cd protections and tells you what to tick in read& write mode (CloneCD). The Sims Hot Date is Safedisc protected and “most likely” the I/O Magic cdrw writes regular bit patterns almost correctly. if this is the case then you’ll need “additional measures” to play your backup (hide cd-r) funtion (CloneCD). “If” your cd-rom is a Sony then this will be the drive to read cd protection as Sony drives are quite fast reading :smiley: Also look for CloneCD 4 profiles (search)

CloneCD Profiler 1.1:

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

CloneCD doesn’t list my actual burner, but it does list a lower model of Optowrite as a 2 sheep burner. Mine is a bit faster than the one listed. I just assumed this would mean mine would also be a 2 sheep burner.

I cancelled the burn last night and I’m re-trying it now, using the burner as the reader and writer. It’s almost done reading and it’s only been 10 minutes! Fingers crossed!

I’m going to download a protector dectector today. Don’t know what it’ll do to help me with the burning of Jumpstart, but I guess it will be good to know which protection I’m dealing with!

You could get some help here:

Clone CD Profiles

Copying recent SD games :slight_smile:

I have successfully copied a playable cd of Jumpstart!!! YAY!!!

But, unfortunately, I completely deleted my sims so I could be sure the copied cd would be installable and playable.

I own the sims deluxe version and all expansions, except unleashed.

The deluxe version will install, but upon playing I get a “error in `DF394B.TMP”

Now, it will play with the original cd. But not with the burned backup.

Oh, just a reminder…I used the latest version of CopyCD to burn this.

I did find the problem I was having with the actual burning process. I decided to READ and write with the I/O Magic 48x16x48 drive. Previously I had tried to READ with the cd-rom that came with my 'puter. It must have not been able to read to the abilities neccesary for writing copies.

I’ll be doing a search on the error I received right after posting this. Hopefully there is a solution.

I would now like to thank the person (people) responsible for starting this site, and all the informative people who run this site. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without all the FANTASTIC info I have found here!!!

BIG pat on the back to all who post here:bow:

Maybe a bit more about this error will help.

The disc actually starts to play. You choose to play and the start up image comes up.

The error shows up when the screen would normally go black and the music would start…then the neighborhood shows up.

At the portion where you would normally get the black screen and music, it locks and shows the error, then closes.

As I stated in my previous post, the I/O Magic cdrw is most likely a 1 sheep burner :smiley: This means your burner will need “additional measures”(hide cd-r) to play Safedisc protected cd’s. This function blocks ATIP. I stress you use a program that is specifically designed to copy cd protection (CloneCD, BlindWrite or Alcohol120%). Install Alcohol 120% trial version and take your backup of any Sims game you copied and play in your I/O Magic drive. I would almost guarentee if you used the proper profile to copy this game then you shouldn’t get that error on startup.

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

Alcohol120% trial download:
BlindWrite Suite: