First Criminal Trial Over Game-Console Mod Chips Begins Tuesday



LOS ANGELES — A Southern California man is set to go before a jury here Tuesday on criminal charges of violating copyright law by modifying Xbox 360 consoles to play pirated games.


Regarding the covert taping, Crippen’s defense counsel is urging the judge presiding over the case to bar the jury from seeing a videotape of the defendant allegedly modding an Xbox for an undercover agent of the Entertainment Association of America. The defense maintains that the two-minute video, which has been edited, was unlawfully produced in Crippen’s Anaheim house without his consent in violation of California privacy law.

Crippen’s attorney has been unable to review the full recording made by the investigator, who claims to have lost it in a computer crash. As a result, only the edited version would go before the jury.

It always funny how the government seems to always have problems finding the complete recording but can find the part that they want to use. I would love to by on the Jury I would say it does not matter if he is guilty or not since the government cannot come up with the full tape he is not guilty.