First copy proof Game from Germany?

Hi ther,i tried to make a backup of a Game from Germany called SACRED that uses a version of VOB ProtectCD V5 and i faild,whith the latest Alcohol(1.9.2) i can make a image that works SOMETIMES but as soon you patch it(1.6 or 1.6.6)ther is no way to lauch it,NOWHERE in the internet you will find a crack for it(the Game is 3 mounth old and very popular)on a side of a gang that rides cracks for(many) programs i found out the first time the failed on this Game and on several boards like this the (experts)havent got an idea how to copy it,DAMN ther was a working copy of xp one week on the market before mighty microsoft publisht it,the music industry do ther nuts trying to make copy proof cds,a silly lttle firm from Germany(Ascaron) no one has heard befor of has to come along and show the world how to make a copy proof Program,I LOVE IT :slight_smile: !!even i cant play it.GREETINGS FROM GERMANY :stuck_out_tongue:

Cracks are illegal. Don’t use them, don’t discuss them here.

Why dont you start by reading the steps to backup success, get a protection scanner from the links provided in there, and list your hardware and software used along with O/S specs.

And then we can take it from there.

take a look at this thread New-Stuff: Sacred ?! Starforce/Tages or New One ? Geiler Keiler this may help solving your problem

reading your post geiler keiler
i am really ashamed being a german

@all : not all germans are so stupid

Really? I never knew :stuck_out_tongue:

How ironic, coming from a guy called “Imbecile” :bigsmile: :bow: :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you want to play your game without using the original cd then try game jackel. It works a treat and you never have to worry about creating a back-up again.

why should you say he is stupid? because his english is not the best?
My german is not that great either. does that make me stupid?

(although i am actually studying it. damn hard language too)

Thread locked before it gets any worse…