First compatability problem with NEC 2500A

Ive got some dvd’s (more than one, some video one data) DVD-R marked as traxxdata but IIRC were ritek media.

Anyways my NEC 2500A refuses to aknowledge the media! no matter which one i put in it just shows the drive as empty. My pioneer dvd-116 works with them just fine.

Anyone know anything about this? its a darn shame since I still have 20 or so of the traxxdata discs empty that could be used…

I might hazard a guess that your drive might be duff, or has gone duff. Have you tried different discs with it at all? Traxdata (aka Ritek) discs should work well with any NEC drive you see. Having said that NEC drives are notorius for being bad at reading discs. Maybe try a lens cleaner in the drive…? Tried the latest firmware (or Herries 107v2B5 customised firmware)?

well it came with 1.07 (pretty much the latest I think) and im thinking of upgrading to herries sometimes soon.

The discs play fine in my pioneer dvd-116 and stand alone dvd player for the TV.

I posted some info about the discs before I had my burner (was at another place at the time):