First ClonyXXL v2.0.1.0 translation online: French!

I just posted the article First ClonyXXL v2.0.1.0 translation online: French!.

ViRuS2k used our newssubmit to tell us that the first (?) translation of the new ClonyXXL version can be found online. The translation was done in French so we’ll still have to wait for an English…

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Another disclamer of this kind:

Il est illégal d’utiliser ClonyXXL afin de faire des copies pirates pour vos amis ! Je décline toute responsabilité vis à vis d’utilisations illégales de Clony XXL !
No idea what it is like in France, but many Germans use such a silly disclaimer without knowing that it is totally useless. They use it because of a sentence they have never ever read or even understood: Is such a disclaimer worth more in France?

argh the mainpage has cut the link…don’t just click on it, but copy+paste the whole link to your browser :wink:

About the disclaimer : I have to admit I do not know if it’s really usefull or not in french. Laws in books used to be interpreted in different ways in courts. For now, I always translated all the german stuff without adapting the text. By the way, I would like to mention that I have now translated the new Profiler v1.1 beta in french too. And hopefully the exe will work under XP/2k

In addition, I would like to add that I have included a translation of my farts into French. :9 I’m also working on a Russian translation. “Vous deux poissons bleus, comment va mon gorille paresseux?”

At is Czech translation.