First burns with new 1620

Well I’m late to this party but here’s my first scans with my new 1620 rebadge (flashed to B7T9)

TDK 8x DVD+R media (Japan)
first at 12x, second at 16x. I don’t think I’ll bother with 16x anymore, don’t like that PIF spike at the end and the time savings wasn’t huge. Next one will be 8x for comparison.

Great scans! :smiley: That’s what we expect from Taiyo Yuden media! I’d definitely stay with 12x although the 16x burn is by no means terrible. Welcome to the BenQ forums. :wink:

thanks :smiley:

I’m certainly not complaining. Verry happy with the drive so far and love the quietness.

Got the 8x done. Must be the luck of the draw but the 12x was plain better.

I don’t think the PIF spike near the end of the 16X burn is of any real significance. It only peaks to a maximum of 13 and is in what CDSpeed considers to be the “green zone” (below 16). The PIF maximum of 13 is what CDSpeed uses to produce your “Quality Score” of 92%, which is a good score.

I’d be a little bit concerned if you got a big cluster of PIF’s near the end, but that didn’t happen. Jitter is also rock solid across the whole burn, again indicating no issues.

Although the 12X burns scan a little bit better, I don’t think you would notice any real world differences at all between any of them.

To own a BenQ 1620 will change your view of DVD-Burning. Only a BenQ owner will ever complain of a QS of 92 :wink:

Welcome to the BenQ world where every burn with QS below 95 is a complete failure :bigsmile:

All your scans are very good -----> burn at 16X and be happy with discs that will work without problems :slight_smile:

From my early LiteOn years i got discs with PI > 200 and PIF >6 (almost a PIF of 25 when you scan with BenQ) (crappy media) and they still plays without problems two years later.

Yeah, that pretty much expresses my opinion as well.

I too was initiated to DVD burning with a LiteOn burner where burn quality was a very chaotic thing. And I still remember the satisfaction I had when I replaced it with the BenQ and my quality scans became a thing to behold…

I remember owning a Lite-On LDW-451S. After months of frustration with using cheap and good media alike (Back then it was the Ridata 4x DVD+R’s I love so much either RitekR03 or RicohJPNR01) and burning “coasters” like mad I finally got good and fed up with the drive after 2-3 months after hearing everybody in the NEC forum bragging and talking about their shiney new NEC ND2500A’s and went out and bought an OEM HP 420n (NEC ND2500A) to replace my 451S. What a world of difference! That drive totally changed my views of DVD Burning and now the BenQ just shows me what an AWESOME burner it is. Even with my 2500 I’d still get discs that occasionally skipped in a picky Zenith Allegro ABV341 DVD Player I have and once I got the BenQ running very sweetly in my new computer it’s just been smooth sailing. I honestly can’t remember the last time (outside of the first 15-20 discs I burnt with the BenQ) that I had a coaster with it.

I’m in the process of replacing backups that were burnt on Optodisc 4x DVD-R’s that are just junk and putting them on 8x DVD+R Taiyo Yuden media. It’s FUN watching this drive burn along at 12x without any problems. :wink:

You guys are probably right about the x16 being fine. I guess reading this forum made me a bit of a perfectionist. Still, it seems so happy at 12x and I’m usually not so concerned about the time. I don’t remember the 12x burn time but the 16x was 5:58. I think the 12x wasn’t that much slower, but the 8x was 8:42. I might as well go for the best quality I can and feel satisfied. These burns weren’t quite full capacity either, so I’m a little worried more spikes might appear at the very end.

BTW, these are the first 3 burn attempts. Just plugged it in and everything worked perfectly. That’s something I’ve come not to expect with computer stuff. Maybe I’ll never get a coaster :wink:

yup 12x is just nice for TYs…but then again if you can get your hands on That’s Japan…16x is not a problem…

Of course… The differences in burn time for 12X vs 16x is insignificant… so go ahead choose the best quality… TY T02 burns best at 12X. It always gives the lowest values in BenQ Qscan (You use this prog to scan for tracking and focus errors before you burn the disc), but even from the same batch of TY there are always small variations in tracking and focus errors which will give small variations in the burn quality (and in PI and PIF) for discs even from the same spindle…So you have to burn at least 4-5 discs at the same speed before you can be certain which burn speed gives you the best quality.

But recall the standards for a good quality DVD:

Use this as a guideline for good discs:

PI(Parity Inner): No larger areas on the disc should exceed 280 PI-8 errors, do not worry too much about high single spikes that exceed 280.
PIF(Parity Inner Failures): No larger areas on the disc should exceed 16 PIF errors (when scanning with a non-Benq drive it’s 4 PIF errors), do not worry too much about high single spikes that exceed 16.

My point is: the smal differences in your scans dosen’t matter in the real world :wink: But then again, in the BenQ world, every scan with QS < 95 is a complete “failure” :bigsmile:

Enjoy your BenQ. The drive is SO good that it make me almost cry in happines :o