First burns scan help

I just got this drive a few days ago and these are my first 3 burns with it.
The read scan is basically the same for all 3 burns. I burned all 3 at 8x
but the first one really only burned at 4x because my kt133 chipset has
that bug where cd drives can’t get udma 2 on the secondary channel. It
was using multi word dma mode 2 at the time and couldn’t keep up so
the burn time ended up around a 4x burn. That burn also had solid burn
and WOPC on. I fixed the dma problem and the next 2 burned at just over
8 minutes with solid burn and WOPC turned off for them.

Basically I’m wondering what the lowest scores would need to be before
I should junk a disc. Is 94 ok for that first burn or should I just reburn that
disc? I know the PIF total is high but its mostly solid and the spike
doesn’t seem too high. The last disc has some higher PIE at the end
but that doesn’t seem too bad. Id like some opinions basically. Thanks.

BenQ’s 1620 has a history of erratic burns with TYG02s and it appears as though the 1640 inherited the problem as well.

As picky as I am about scans, I would not abandon any of these if they are reading for you. A single PIF near 10 will still be readable and you have much lower PIFs in most of the burns. Also, as annoying as a PIE of 49 can be, it is no where near a problem.

I don’t use TYG02 on BenQs anymore. You might want to look at YUDEN000 T02 or MCC 003 for a smoother burn, but you will probably still get some discs that are great and some that have a little problem near the end. I have to assume it is BenQ as I don’t get as many anomolies with other drives.

Oops…welcome to the forum. Nice choice of media, stick with TY.

Don’t obsess about scans. Anything in the 90’s is very good. With my players, everything plays fine until I get scans in the 60’s or below, and even then they sometimes play fine. The main thing you should be concerned about is PO failures which indicates the data could not be read.

Nothing wrong with those burns at all even the first one will probably never cause any issues.
BTW. How did you fix the UDMA problem with your KT 133 chipset as we have someone else with the same issue here. Thx.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. I guess the first burn is fine then. So when PIF
goes over 16 at any one spot then that is cause for concern ?

“BTW. How did you fix the UDMA problem with your KT 133 chipset as we have someone else with the same issue here. Thx.”

I’ll post there but I think he tried what I did already.