First burn with benq 1655 :)

Just added the benq 1655 to my nec 3500. I’ve had the 3500 for a long time and it’s done really well for me, but I wanted to try something new :smiley:
Anyway, here is my very first burn. I used the packaged software and all settings Qsuite default.
The media is verbatim MCC04 burned @ 16x. Do you all recommend leaving the settings on default or changing any of them? I’m sure others have asked this already and I’m slowly reading more and more posts, but if someone wants to answer anyway that would be cool :slight_smile:

[edit] The write speed is greyed out somehow and not on the graph. :rolleyes: Only read speed shows.

If this was a 16x burn, this is pretty good, with the 736 PIF total in line (expected) for MCC004 on a BenQ. I will say in general that it would be a good idea to enable Solidburn even for known media, as that works to improve the burn, based on the jitter values generated while writing. It may reduce your PIF total, especially lowering the PIF spikes at the end of the burn. Additionally, it may help keep jitter more ‘level,’ as your jitter rises after the 3 gb. point, which in part contributes to more PIF errors.

Yes i’m sure it was 16x. It took under 6 minutes :slight_smile: I burned the img file using dvddecryptor and then used the nero program to scan at 8x.

Maybe I’m wrong, but the green line is scan speed, not burning speed.

I was wondering the same thing because I’ve seen other people’s scans that show the 16x line up there, but if I can recall correctly the line that indicates burning speed is white. Who knows :confused:

The color of each line can be choosed in options, but I don’t remember how can be enabled showing of burning speed also in the graph

Here. I just did a data test burn using nero at 16x and then scanned it. This time it shows the white line. I wonder if that’s because I used nero to burn it? Anyway, even better results this time :slight_smile:


Very good scan!

Thank you. I have to say I’m very pleased with this purchase :slight_smile:

I assume SolidBurn was off? Very nice one.

I can’t find this drive… Maybe next month it will be available also here

yes, default settings.

I still feel that for high quality media such as TY or MCC, SolidBurn off is sufficient.

enable Solidburn even for known media, as that works to improve the burn, based on the jitter values generated while writing.
Hmm, I thought SolidBurn did the test before the actual burn?

Yes, I also think Solidburn does the test before the burn begins.
What is still active while burning will be WOPC if it is enabled.

Following is a burn SB/WOPC on with 12X selected.
Solidburn doesn’t agree and sticks to 8X. It must have determined that the end of the disc is not capable of supporting 12X speed. (This my N°77 batch is effectively rather weak at the very end of the disc )

Sapa, there is no need to invent the wheel once again, read here and other posts in this thread. :wink:

I’m going to have to re-read that again, I see. :eek: I must have missed something or forgotten it. :eek:

It tests and writes the data at the beginning and end if I remembered reading that much right. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Pinto2 bookmarked it; reading your post and the thread. Thanks for both

@ Zevia If the media is high quality for certain, then I can understand having Solidburn off. I like having it on, knowing it’s doing the testing for possible adjustments. But of course, that’s just my personal preference.

Just explaining how a solidburn works for the benefit of the initial poster, as I was at the same time thankful to SB for saving my burn.

Yes, I have read your posts and zebadee’s some time ago.
Congrats for your links filing technique !

OT: It would be nice if they would make qscan be able to disable solidburn and still use Overspeed…or someone make a program that could do this :flower:

While we are OT

First of all, SB can be enabled/disabled in QSuite and/or with Nero CD-DVD Speed (see my sig).
Make a search for link to QSuite manual posted by zebadee for details.

SolidBurn technique was originally designed to improve burn quality not the burn speed. But with improved burnquality Philips/BenQ might also felt confident to add overspeed option.
But why and what only they know.

IMO, the idea to completely disable solidburn and leave overspeed option as it, just doesn’t make sense.
There are other ways to “implement” overspeed on low speed rated media with BenQ/Philips drives…