First Burn & Scan Results & Questions



After a few days of reading and researching, I got tired of waiting for the DVDs to come to my door so I went and got some to play with. Burned my first disk and it works in my 1 year old Panasonic and my old Toshiba player.

Burned at 2X:

Portion of BW5 Log:

30/12/2004 9:32:25 PM info Writing completed in 24:22
30/12/2004 9:31:45 PM info Finalize started
30/12/2004 9:08:03 PM info Write started
30/12/2004 9:08:03 PM info Buffer Under-run protection is enabled
30/12/2004 9:08:03 PM info Backup tagged for Autoplay
30/12/2004 9:08:03 PM info Writing speed requested x2.0, effective x2.4
30/12/2004 9:08:03 PM info Media ID : CMC MAG-E01-00
30/12/2004 9:08:03 PM info Writing DVD-ROM Disc [SPIDERMAN] - Image Size 4.27 Gb.
30/12/2004 9:08:03 PM info Writing device : 3:0:0 - BENQ DVD DD DW1620 B7T9 [E] (Ide)
30/12/2004 9:02:06 PM info Imported file format - ISO@2048 (DVD ISO)
30/12/2004 9:01:50 PM info Loaded read profile Automatic
30/12/2004 9:01:49 PM info Loaded copy profile Automatic
30/12/2004 9:01:49 PM info Loaded read profile Automatic
30/12/2004 9:01:17 PM info Loaded read profile Automatic
30/12/2004 9:01:17 PM info Using Patin-Couffin driver Version 1.27, Internal revision 27 - Async. Access mode
30/12/2004 9:01:17 PM info Autoplay driver active. Version 6
30/12/2004 9:01:17 PM info ParamStr 0 = “D:\Program Files\VSO\BlindWrite5\BW.exe”
30/12/2004 9:01:17 PM info User default language : 4105 (0x1009h) - English (Canadian)
30/12/2004 9:01:17 PM info System default language : 1033 (0x0409h) - English (United States)
30/12/2004 9:01:17 PM info Version
30/12/2004 9:01:17 PM info ExeName : “D:\Program Files\VSO\BlindWrite5\BW.exe”
30/12/2004 9:01:17 PM info OS : Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
30/12/2004 1:46:22 PM info ******************** Report session closed *********************

So after staring at the Media thread for some time I guess these results are fine, but not stellar?

Hey, it worked in my DVD player and my receiver was playing the DD5.1. Not a coaster and I didn’t compress video at all, can’t ask for more than that from first run.

I used DVDDecrypter then DVDShrink (thanks Legs) to ISO then burned the image with BlindWrite 5 registered. I will do some more hunting to try and figure out why it burned at 2X. Can I use the BenQ provided RecordNow! for burning the ISO as well?

Two caveats though, it won’t play in my BenQ Intervideo DVD player software that shipped with my drive and the English subtitles did not make it for some reason. Any ideas

I re-authored the disc (using Mr.Bass DVDShrink Guide. I left the DD5.1 and 2 channel audio and the first English Subtitles from the list, there were others, perhaps I chose the wrong subtitle? I also modified the start and end frames and set the English subtitles as default. Why didn’t the subtitles didn’t work?

:bow: This is awfully complicated stuff, I’m pretty pleased my first disk even works. Thanks all for your help, sharing and the work on tutorials and stuff. First copy program I remember using was Nibbles on my Apple ][e . Boy have things changed.


About the subtitles, I found something to try next time: “I find the best way around this problem is to select every “English” subtitle as well as any classified as “unspecified”. This should ensure you get all english tracks” from this thread.


Just plugged it in again and it does work in my PC. I’m certain I tried it several times… :confused: Nehow … I guess that just leaves the scan evaluation request … sorry bout that… and thanks


I guess your scan pic didn’t make it… I get an Invalid attachment message


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thats funny, I can still see them when clicking the link … I will search for instructions on Adding Attachments and Inline Images…


Well, to be honest, I’ll think the scan of this burned disk isn’t really good. Isn’t the burningspeed to low, 2,4x speed, instead of 4x speed?? Take a look at this scan of the same media This scan looks better.
PIF on your burning are quiet high I think.

Things you can do to achieve better quality burnings are, try to run as less programs in the background as possible (No virusscan\update wile your burning proces is running). Look what programs ru in the background and if possble, disable the ones you don’t need. Defragmentate your hard drive once in a wile, specially after you have done a reauthering\encoding… of a dvd. Don’t touch the burning surface of the dvd with your fingers.


To thread creator:
Noted problem exists with your system: Patin-Couffin driver
This will interfere with cd/dvd burning

Instead, use DVDShrink for ripping to produce an ISO of appropriate size and either DVDdecryptor’s ISO write mode (automatic from Shrink) or RecordNow’s ISO write

Possible secondary problem exists: Check for and uninstall Sonic DLA, Nero INcd and Roxio/Adaptec DirectCD.

With CMC’s E01, use a fast burn speed and then verify the disc using DVDdecryptor’s file mode to copy the newly-written DVD back to the hard drive (into a folder that you will “clean out” after the test). With the “Ignore read error” feature of DVDdecryptor turned off, it will stop and report an error if there’s a problem with the disc.