First burn on my new ND-4550

Just installed my new NEC ND-4550 and flashed it with Liggy’s ND4550 Bitsetting Firmware 1.07

This is my first burn @8x, Fuji TY T02. Scanned in BenQ DW1640 BSOB. Looks like the 4550 is a great burner!

When I scanned the disc in the ND-4550, PIE started at 800, and increased, so I gave up. Probably my 4550 isn’t a good scanner either.

And a TYG02 burn. Not even near the TY T02 burn in quality, but Transfer Rate Test says OK.

Congratulations on your new burner. That scan looks excellent! :slight_smile:

I don’t really understand why there is such a huge difference in the NEC 355x/455x series scanning abilities from drive to drive, but unfortunately the scanning behaviour is unpredictable - even with the same drive and the same media. :sad:

My NEC 4551 is a horrible DVD scanner, but it isn’t even consistently horrible, so now I only use it for scanning occasionally to get a good laugh. It scans CDs reliably though, but I cannot guarantee that other 355x/455x drives also scan CDs reliably.

So I would keep scanning DVDs with the BenQ 1640 if I were you! :iagree: