First Burn Ever Need Help Bad

ok so i am trying to burn a movie i have a lg burner and i am using dycrypter and shrink and nero now once i decrypt and shrink i ahve no idea what to do can someone give me a hand gettin this first one done.

i am not the smartest when it comes to computers so i am sorry ahead of time

Thanks A lot

If you do it correctly, just run dvdshrink, and check a box in shrink telling it to use dvdcrypter to burn. Then shrink will run, and dvdcrypter will start.

ok so i did that but i cant get dvd dykrpter to recognise my dvd drive and burn

In shrink, are you copying the file to a folder on your HD, and then in crypter, from HD, to your Burner? I do this on three different systems, all with different hardware configurations, and never have had a problem.

i decrypt on to hd then i shrink onto hd and then i cant get any further doesnt recognize i ahve a dvd drive only finds my cd drive but when starting decrypter it reads my burner drive i cant figure it out

dvd is main cd is slave drive

You can also burn a DVD-Video in Nero with the output from Shrink. There is also a checkbox for Nero.

I don’t use shrink anymore, but when I did, decrypter would autoplay and I would decrypt the movie. Then in shrink, open decrypted file from hard drive, Choose lang. in main movie. Choose destination and click backup. You’re done! It never failed with me, but now I use Clone 2.

When i first started burning dvds , this is how i did it. First copy the movie to the hd using file mode in dvd decrypter. I created a folder called dvd rips for this. I would then use dvd shrink to compress those files (if necessary) to another folder (named for the movie). After that i would open up Nero in ‘burn dvd video’ mode because this would create the necessary VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders. Lastly drag all the files in the movie folder to the VIDEO_TS folder, making sure there is nothing in the AUDIO_TS folder, burn and that should be it.